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Terrell Suggs’ “Flipping The Bird” Shirt Sends Strong Message To Steelers, Fans

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is done talking smack. He’s decided to let his clothing speak for him. And his clothing, as luck would have it, said “F— you, Pittsburgh!”

Ray Lewis put Suggs in a bear hug and tried to convince him to change before talking to the media, but that didn’t stop Suggs. He still wore this shirt to a press conference Wednesday:

Yet, Suggs said he means nothing personal by it.

From Ravens Insider

“No, there ain’t no message,” he said after Wednesday’s practice. “Like I said, I put on for my city. They rep their city, and I’m repping mine. So here we go.”

These two AFC North teams have one of the most heated rivalries in professional sports. In the last 12 seasons, their head-to-head record is dead even at 12-12. Most of those games have been defensive wars, with the last four all ending with a 3-point margin of victory. This season both teams finished 12-4, but the Steelers earned home field advantage due to a better division record. But playing at Heinz Field Saturday for a shot to go to the AFC championship  shouldn’t scare the Ravens too much: they already won in Pittsburgh earlier in the season.

Despite there being no secret of the bad blood between these two teams, Suggs said: “I don’t have any more animosity, any more beef with any one team in the NFL. It’s just a rivalry game, a championship game, and let’s go.”

Hmm. I find that hard to believe, especially considering this isn’t the first time the linebacker wore controversial clothing. Last season he wore a t-shirt that said “You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate The Steelers.”

  • Gwpschickie

    Terrell, have ya seen the “shitsburgh squeelers t’s… They are great too!!! Wear your, well…, “bird” shirt with pride my man…If I had One I’d be in mine too!!!! And we won’t feel bad if you sack Rapisburger 10 or more times Sun. Maybe Ngata could break his nose again…But it’s all in the spirit of good football right? GO RAVENS!!!! How I really feel is…. Chew em up and spit em out!!!!

  • Mvaughn

    *disclaimer* although the ravens won in pitt this season, CHARLIE BATCH was the quarterback. funny how the media seems to forget that, or they just don’t actually watch football. sizzle will most likely back up his smack talk seeing as he’s going against possible the worst starting left tackle in franchise history in Johnathan Scott. Remember what happened last time you made a t-shirt terrell? 23-14. make sure you have your bleach with you buddy, just try not to pour it on your son this time.

  • linworthas

    Yeah Terrell, we have a ring on that one, too. Feel free to catch up some day.

  • linworthas

    Yeah Terrell, we have a ring on that one, too. Feel free to catch up some day.

  • stlsprbl

    yea go ahead and tune that game in on sunday brain child.

  • Omegalabboy

    Always love these dufus’ that use WE. “We have a ring or “We got six”. The Steelers organization has those trophies and rings not you behind your keyboard. We’re all fans of teams but unless your on the payroll of that organization. I would drop the sounding like an idiot with the having your own title crap. Also wasn’t the Steelers wearing 75th anniversary patches a few years back. So six league titles in 77 years were Baltimore has one after 15 years. Sounds like the Ravens are keeping close pace since the Browns kept their records after the move.

  • Mike

    yeah, Raw Lewis is my hero…accessory to murder…and Stallworth, for running someone over drunk. NFL players are awesome.

  • i want that shirt

    does anyone know where if theres anywhere i could get that exact shirt lol. id buy it in a heartbeat

  • Dleopold

    Wow, funny how the backup qb is thrown out here, but Pitt fans never mention the destruction of c palmer’s knee in the playoff game in ’06 as a reason for winning then.

  • linworthas

    Great points! 1) The professionals paid by the Baltimore franchise of the National Football League got DESTROYED by the Steelers. 2) Since were focussing primarily on short-term history, the Ravens have NEVER beaten the Steelers this month. Mathematically, they’ll NEVER, EVER win. Wow!

    Enjoy the off-season.

  • RavensFan

    The Ravens might be outta the playoffs bt they still the BEST team ! I’m from Baltimore and I rep my city , yeaaaaaahh Ravensss . & i’m buying that shirt , it’s GREAT ! : )

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