New York And Chicago Express Disappointment With One-Word Headlines

  • Dan Fogarty

The morning after the AFC and NFC championship games means we’re treated to some of the more expressive back page (or front page) headlines of the year. Emotions in New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Green Bay are certainly running high, so let’s take a look at some of the morning’s best covers.

“Damn,” “Bummer,” “Grounded,” and “Silenced.” Many papers in the losing cities chose to express their disappointment with one word headlines. Meanwhile, the New York Post and Daily News, New York’s benchmarks for headline writing, took different routes. The Post’s “No Supe For You” was punny (but not too punny – sad Rex Ryan kind of tempers that) while the Daily News went with a simple “The End.”

In the winning cities, as you would have guessed, it was all smiles. Surprisingly, BJ Raji made it onto only one Wisconsin front page as a result of his rumbling touchdown run and ensuing celebration. In Pittsburgh, there was a strong current of “We’ve been here before,” with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette winning the morning with “At The Gates Of Seven.”

Here are the best covers of the morning (all images via Newseum).