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NFLWeird But True

The Colts Might Sign An Icelandic Weightlifter Who Makes Arnold Schwarzenegger Look Like A Regular-Sized Human

How big is the starting nose tackle for your favorite NFL team? Pretty big, right? Over six feet tall, over 300 pounds, something like that? Whatever. He might as well be an easily frightened child in the presence of Hafthor Bjornsson, the 6’9”, 419-pound behemoth that the Colts may sign, according to owner Jim Irsay:

Irsay is known to make a joke or two on the ol’ Twitter machine, but he may be on to something with this one. Just look at this guy:

Yeah, strongmen are usually enormous (here he is competing in the 2013 Arnold Strongman competition), but what the hell? What did that guy eat for breakfast — another person? A bag of hammers? Honey Nut Steroids? (Note: We are not insinuating that Mr. Bjornsson takes steroids. Please, sir, don’t hurt us.) If you, for some reason, aren’t sure how big this dude is, here’s a ton more evidence, including him with a few celebrities of varying sizes for comparison purposes:

All photos via @thorbjornsson

Conclusion: Colts front office, please do your best to bring this guy to the NFL. He looks like a good dude — a good dude who will wreck havoc on offensive lines across the league.

[Busted Coverage]

  • Chelo

    damn, Vince McMahon just got a hard on.

  • http://twitter.com/WheresJay2012 jay carlson

    Hope he can play with leverage

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13722068 Nels Olson

    Nose tackle or oline? Says he is a NTat the top and says Luck won’t get sacked below.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Good looks.

  • Beastmode

    Either at NT or RG he’d be a monster

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.temple.568 John Temple

    This whole thing smacks of a put-on. Yes, the guy is big but has he even ever heard of American football? Be great to get a lineman with those dimensions but I’m not holding my breath this is real.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002524503347 GQRad

    I can understand why you’d have your doubts Mr. Temple. Perhaps he can be Coached up on how to hit guys. That’s basically all he needs to know. With the addition of his footwork if he was to play on the O-Line. D-Line at Nose Tackle, it seems as though he’d be able to plow through whoever is standing in front of him. With the extra weight of the Helmet and pads, will look like having King Kong as a Nose Tackle.

    Realistically this is not too far-fetched. San Francisco signed an Olypian Discuss Thrower who has never played a lick of Football. I don’t think any QB would like to get blitzed by this guy in particular. He looks good when he sprints back to the starting point to get the next anvil or stone.


  • alexb

    They thought Brock Lesnar would beast guys in football too, remember? And Brock was a true combat athlete having been a Div 1 wrestling god and having played some football in the past. He knew all about leverage when trying to move another human being, but he only knew how to do it when wrestling because none of that skill set translated to the field. When they interviewed Tice he admitted Brock was getting beasted by 2nd and 3rd stringers. So what’s going to happen to this Icelander who’s made his living moving around inanimate objects that aren’t actively resisting his force? He’ll get his pads pushed into his facemask, than he’s up on his toes…game over.

  • Anonymous

    You made a very valid point here. Thank you for that.

  • ic555

    in football you gotta run.

  • miller

    not if you are the center.

  • Just_Darrin

    The only place he could reasonably play is DE in a 4-3. The Lion’s Ziggy Ansah was raw (new to American Football) and has made a reasonable impact in the NFL despite only playing two years in college and 1 NFL season.

  • John Roastbeef

    I’m a NY Giants fan, Jason Pierre Paul only started playing football when he was a Senior in high school. He knew nothing about the game, but was freakish athletically. Which is why he went to South Florida and not a bigger college, however he ended up being a first round pick and pro bowl player.

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