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NFLWeird But True

This Is A Page From The Miami Dolphins’ Game Program

It was Halloween recently, if you didn’t know, and the Miami Dolphins’ game program reflected that with a colorful little Q&A session with the team’s top players. Check out Richie Incognito’s “Easiest teammate to scare,” via reddit:

incognito program

A few more, less serious takeaways from this screenshot:

-Ryan Tannehill scares Matt Moore… by taking the starting job and not giving it back.
-Ryan Tannehill dressed up as Kid Rock… last year.
-Ryan Tannehill can’t even name one scary movie. Just say… “Scary Movie,” or something.
-Ryan Tannehill is kind of weird. At least his wife is hot and awesome.

Also, don’t expect to see Incognito in another Miami program. The team is reportedly “done” with him.

NOW READ: Dolphins Suspend Lineman Richie Incognito “Indefinitely” [SportsGrid]

  • Rick Chandler

    Swedish Fish?

  • Rohinton Irani

    I’ve said this Before,and I’ll say this AGAIN ! : I will ALWAYS Blame Don Shula for the shape he left the Dolphins in !

    He STAYED to LOOOONG ! Because he WANTED George Hala’s Record !

    The Game PASSED him by a LOOOONG time before he got the Record !

    He can THANK Jimmie Johnson for that ! Ironicaly at The Univ. Of MIAMI !

    Ironically not ONLY did Jimmie change the Face,and Style of College Football,with ALL The Emphasis he brought to SPEED !….On Offense and Defense !

    But also to the Pro game at Dallas ! ( as much as I Hate to ADMIT that ! ).

    Shula had ARGUABALY The GREATEST QUATERBACK in HISTORY !….and could NOT WIN One Damm SUPER BOWL With him !

    Stupid Draft Picks ! YEAR ! after YEAR !….John Bosa ? Eric Kumerow !

    NEVER gave Dan Marino a DECENT R.B. !

    I could go On ! and On !…..But I’ll leave it at this.

    Spare me ALL your HATE Responses ! Unlike Most People I CALL IT like I SEE IT !

    And Most people ( Not All ), in The 305/954 ( and the Rest of The Dolphins Nation ), Treat Shula like a ‘ Scared Cow ‘ !.

    This IS NOT PERSONAL ! I LOVE The MIAMI Dolphins,and for that Matter ALL MIAMI Sporting teams !

    I’m NOT a ‘ Front Runnin’ Phony !….If a MIAMI Team is not in an Imporatant,or any kind of a CHAMPIONSHIP game ?


    I’ve been a Fan since 1979 !….I DON’T have any Memories of The 2 Super Bowl Wins !

    And Frankly….DON’T CARE !….Not my generation !

    What I Do CARE is the Laughing Stock this Franchise has become,since Dan Marino’s Departure !

    And to add Insult to Injury ? having a OWNER who’s Prime RESIDENCE is New York City !

    At Least Joe Robbie ( R.I.P. ),was a HOMETOWN Owner ! LOVED his Team,and his Community !,and had Enough Sense to BUILD his Own Stadium with his OWN MONEY !

    Because he knew what a ‘ Banana Republic ‘ The City of MIAMI Goverment has ALWAYS Been,and ALWAYS WILL BE !

    Yes he was a Pain in the *SS at times,with the Local Press….But there were times The Local Press Deserved it !

    So I Really DON’T care about this Incident !….I CARE MORE about The BIGGER Picture for this Franchise !

    It can still be a Productive Season ? If this Non-sense is taken Off The Front page !


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