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This List Of QBs Who Have Gotten Jobs Ahead Of Tim Tebow Makes It Clear: He’s Not Coming Back To The NFL

tim tebow

We all know that Tim Tebow is a great quarterback, right? There are two reasons he’s not currently starting for the Broncos, or Jets, or Patriots, or Jaguars, or any other NFL team: his outspoken faith and the fact that everyone is stupid. His skills as a passer and game manager have nothing to do with it.

So let’s take a look at all the quarterbacks that have been signed as backups in the NFL since Tebow was cut by the Patriots before the season:

  1. Austin Davis, Rams
  2. B.J. Daniels, Seahawks
  3. Brady Quinn, Rams
  4. Jordan Palmer, Bears
  5. Josh Freeman, Vikings
  6. Seneca Wallace, Packers
  7. McLeod Bethel-Johnson, 49ers
  8. John Skelton, 49ers and Titans
  9. Matt Flynn, Bills and Packers

Eight different teams have signed these nine quarterbacks. That’s 25 percent of the league that had a chance to bring in Tim Tebow — including the Rams, who actually inquired about 44-year-old Brett Favre this year as well — and chose not to do so.

And who did they sign instead? Known commodities with little NFL talent like Brady Quinn and John Skelton. Career backup types like Seneca Wallace. And Austin Davis, and McLeod Bethel-Johnson — in other words, no name types.

Whether Tebow’s status as a circus act is making teams wary, or they really believe some guy named Jordan Palmer is a better choice to back up their starting quarterback, is irrelevant. Tebow isn’t getting consideration as an option anymore. Barring a change of heart by a lame duck GM or a noticeable upgrade in Tebow’s abilities in the CFL, we shouldn’t expect to see him take an NFL field again. He appears to know that.

Maybe he should switch to tight end?

[BI Sports]

  • Gary Schneider
  • Paul

    Tebow should be playing. I would rather watch him lose with a team over any of the QB’s listed. NFL, listen to half of your fan base and play the man!

  • nandal

    Smith 8 td’s 18 int’s Tebow 19 passing td’s 8 int’s but he can’t throw and he only wins! 2-4 bronco team he lead them on a 7-1 run to the playoffs beat Pit in first round and can’t get a job ! Really!

  • Joepantyhose

    He’s been driven out, blackballed and shunned like a mudshark in Mississippi. This isn’t about his ability or lack thereof. There’s an agenda here, which fact becomes clearer every time some pinerider plays a game while Tebow gets ignored.

  • Gary Schneider

    Tim has already signed a contract. Wait and see.


    There is no doubt about it Tebow has been blackballed by the NFL. The NFL hates the Jesus talk. Stats don’t lie. The man won a playoff game and a division title as a starter. You can’t tell many any of those QBs listed are better than Tebow.

  • Chris

    If the Jesus talk was a big issue how did Kurt Warner keep a job? Or Reggie White?

    Because both were great players. Tebow is not.

    Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl. Dan Marino didn’t.

    Does that mean Dilfer is better than Marino? Nuh uh.

    Tebow is NOT an NFL level quarterback. If he were, someone would have signed him.

  • codybrd

    I think a team needs to give tim a chance to prove everyone wrong,hes a winner!

  • Trent Dilfer

    “We all know that Tim Tebow is a great quarterback, right?”

    - Which is why he’s currently playing in the NFL, right?

    “And who did they sign instead? Known commodities with little NFL talent like Brady Quinn and John Skelton. Career backup types like Seneca Wallace. And Austin Davis, and McLeod Bethel-Johnson — in other words, no name types.”

    - Ask the Patriots how the no-name guy they got in the 6th round from Michigan a while back worked out. That might be irrelevant because of “the fact that everyone is stupid.” There’s something called small sample size which you used to make that judgment. Small sample size is also what got Matt Flynn a $24M contract. How did that work out? I guess Heisman-winning QBs are guaranteed locks to have successful NFL careers, like Eric Crouch, Gino Toretta, and Jason White. Yeah, that’s it.

    Are you sure this article isn’t supposed to be dated April 1?

  • sav
  • James

    John Skelton has a job who the hell is stupid enough to sign him.

  • michael reid

    Yeah that’s why your on this blog. Because he can’t play in the nfl. Face it you don’t like it when he wins. Do you? Why do you read his news? I think you really like him. You must wonder why we think he can win when you think he can’t. Go watch all the Denver games over I think you missed a few things. I’m laughing because you don’t know what makes tebow win.you tell us why he lost in Denver.i have to hear this

  • michael reid

    These no name qbs and backups you talk about they’re so good Then tell us the games fought and won and they wowed the fans,and media? I’m saying I want to see if he can again! Why is that so hard for you to understand. AMERICANS love the underdogs. Why can’t he have two years to grow like all those no name’s you talk about.

  • LeeLeeLee

    It wouldn’t matter if he switched positions. More likely about DeMaurice Smith’s political roots, connections, & agenda(s) v Tim Tebow’s refusal to be a pawn in same. Per your own observations, I mean really–’he can’t throw’, yet he broke not 1, not 2, not 3, but shattered every SEC passing record against the Bamas & LSUs & Auburns & FSUs of collegiate ball. He ran for more TDs than Herschel Walker. He brought back an 0-4 Denver team (w/ the SAME DEFENSE, haters!) to a playoff win. A 1st round, Heisman winner, philanthropist, here to help the team, community, & needy kids guy. And yet he doesn’t have even a 3rd string, splinter gatherer, ANYTHING position ANYWHERE in the league? He has NOTHING to offer at the pro level to say, oh, a JAX? Puh-lease. Do-tell: Why has Smith as the NFLPA rep involved himself in state level politics and then, um, ‘asked’ players if they want to ‘sign on’ to (i.e., involve themselves in) those same movements?? “We are in LOCK STEP with organized labor”?? YIKES–that’s more than a little creepy! And why did ‘reporter’ (OH, SO loosely used) Dave Zirin of The Nation specifically ask Smith if Tebow had fallen into lock step like a good soldier re: INDIANA labor laws?? WTH does Tim Tebow have to do w/Indidana labor laws? I’d ‘LOL’ here if it weren’t so darn cuh-reepy, w/ a capital CUH!!!

  • LeeLeeLee

    AGREED! See: DeMaurice Smith

  • LeeLeeLee

    Please, really. Warner was critical of Tebow for his so-called Jesus-talk. And Warner never, ever had the platform Tebow has. Know you hate hearin’ that, but it’s fact.

    Soooooooo…is Gino Smith an NFL quarterback…?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • LeeLeeLee

    They’re not going to. Political agenda. See: DeMaurice Smith.

    If this were, oh say, a level playing field–we’d hear Stephen A. Myth telling us over and over and over again that Gino Smith ‘can’t’ and ‘doesn’t deserve’ to be an NFL quarterback. But we all know talent, hard work, and common decency isn’t what’s at play here, so to speak… Hmmmmmm, where are all the folks screaming about Manti Teo still having a paying job in the NFL?? Exactly what stellar on-filed accomplishments did he record this season??? Off the field?? Has he started an orphanage for pretend-children and the visibly-challenged (invisible isn’t PC these days, I’m told) w/his salary??? >snicker<

  • LeeLeeLee

    DeMaurice Smith’s minions, that’s who. As long as he doesn’t take a stand, Skelton is in lock step’ with the NFL ;)

  • LeeLeeLee

    Look at Jay Quitler. Eight yrs of mediocrity he’s been allowed. But he’s also a slimeball; he falls right into DeMaurice Smith’s LOCK STEP.

  • LeeLeeLee

    See, they don’t get it–Timmy will always be fine. With or w/o the NFL and it’s band of thugs. When the others have spent all their money on bling, cars, drugs, and booze…Timmy will be fine, still raking in book royalties and speaking fees. And it makes them CRAZED!!! :)

    (It’s hard to do speaking engagements when your gold teeth have all rotted out from crack…)

  • David Harris

    Forget the backups, compare Tebow to the starters. In 2011, Tebow played in 11.5 games in the regular season and averaged 1.62 TDs per game. This placed him 12th in the NFL in scoring productivity when compared to all other QBs that started most of the games for their teams. He also had the third lowest interception ratio per game. He scored more often per game than 20 of the 32 NFL starting quarterbacks and had fewer interceptions per game than 29 of them. His passing percentage was hurt by the run first offense that Fox was running until he found himself trailing in the the 4th quarter and finally started sending more than 2 receivers downfield. Then, Tebow lit it up and had one of the best passing QBRs in the NFL in the 4th quarter with a lot of comeback wins. Here is the list of QBs in 2011 that had higher scoring percentages per game than Tebow. They are Brees, Rodgers, Stafford, Brady, Romo, E. Manning, Ryan, Rivers, Sanchez, Schaub, and Newton. Tebow played 3 of these QBs during his 11 game season and beat 2 of them, Sanchez and Rivers, and beat Schaub in 2010 which speaks to his competitiveness. Can you say Intangibles? I knew ya could. This plus his NFL record setting playoff performance should easily rank him in the top 10 QBs in the NFL in 2011. We know that he is being ignored by the NFL and we also know that it has nothing to do with how well he plays quarterback. In his first opportunity to lead a team he set records and won a championship.

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