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This Tebow Banner Needs Some Momentum

First their fans held a ‘Sign Tim Tebow’ rally, and about 16 people showed up. Now this rather sad spectacle, putting one in mind of Charlie Brown’s kite.


Well, Indianapolis beat Jacksonville today, 37-3, sending the Jags to 0-4. Tebow certainly couldn’t do worse than that.

  • Rosie Brown

    The banner says it all..”why not” The jags have nothing to lose , they can not get negative wins..so “why not”? The fans know the team is going to be moved at some point so “why not” throw them a bone and let them watch their hometown hero? Will he win games? Not many if any! This team is just not very good! Tebow is not going to resurrect ( could not help myself ) this team it’s all about giving the fans who have lived through the bad times a reason to smile before the team is moved..Period! So again “why not”

  • Gary Schneider

    Know who holds the “BCS bowl game record” for most passing yards in ANY single bowl game? Who threw for 482 yards (while rushing for 51) on 31 completions of 35 attempts in that bowl game against a Top 20 team?

    It was Tebow in the Sugar Bowl, Jan 1, 2010 !!!!


    The fella’ passed for 9285 yards in college, 66.4 % completion, and 88 TD’s vs. 16 interceptions, but “He can’t pass”.

    Yes, his completion percentage was 46.5% in 2011 at Denver, but Denver used the run-option for short yardage INSTEAD of screen passes (which- being “easy to complete”- usually boost a QB’s completion percentage by 5-7% if he gets to throw 7 or 8 of ‘em a game). So, his completion percentage at Denver in 2011 was 46.5 % DESPITE not being called on to throw screen passes. Guess what Terry Bradshaw’s first-year completion percentage was- 38% !!!! TEBOW CAN PASS (AND RUN) !!!

    at the time Tebow took over the Broncos had just traded our #1 WR Lloyd, Decker was a young possible possession WR, DT was coming off an achilles tendon injury and had started 2 games, Our TE was Daniel Fells and our RB was 30yr old journeyman. Kuper and Clady were the veterans on a very young O-Line. Tebow gave alot of the offense their beginning. DT 80yd TD catch against Pitt ring a bell, oh and dnt forget our stellar 22nd ranked defense that year. We had a 2% chance of making the playoffs and Tebow lead em to 7-4 regular season record and went 1-1 in the playoffs. Let me not forget that the Broncos lead the league in dropped passes that season too. Comp % can be a misleading stat and in this case it is for sure.

  • Cliff McCall

    Banner flown by Aerial Messages. We are the only company in central
    FL that can tow a banner over a sporting event during the game! Contact
    us if you are interested!



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