Tim Tebow Rings In First Start With 40-Yard Touchdown Run (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

The Denver Broncos gave Tim Tebow his first start as an NFL quarterback yesterday against the Raiders, and though the Broncos lost the game 39-23, Tebow gave a solid effort for a rookie in his first start. He attempted just 16 passes and completed only eight, but he made those eight count, going for 138 yards – including a 33-yard touchdown to Brandon Lloyd.

But Tebow’s really known for running the ball – and run the ball he did, to the tune of eight carries for 78 yards…including a 40-yard touchdown in the first quarter. Even more impressive – the touchdown came on 3rd and 24. Also of note: Tebow called the run “a mistake on my part,” saying he was supposed to hand the ball off. But in Tim Tebow’s world, even mistakes turn to gold.

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