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Tim Tebow Wants To Date Someone Like His Mother Or Sisters, Because Tim Tebow Says Weird Things Like That

Tim Tebow has been linked to multiple Hollywood celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, among others. Well, Tim’s actually single, ladies, but his standards are pretty high. And terrifying.

Here’s more, via SheKnows – yeah, SheKnows. This is not a joke.

“Wonderful news to the millions of Tebow-worshiping young women out there, still hopeful that they’ll be the God-fearing woman this football stud is looking for.

But beyond the religious requirements, and of course the non-promiscuity clause that we assume Tim holds his dates to, what else is this 24-year-old looking for in a woman?

He told us: Someone like his mother and sisters. Tim is close with his mom Pam, and sisters, Katie and Christy.

‘I have been so blessed with having great role models around me, number one my mom and two great sisters,’ said Tim. “It’s hard for a lot of girls to measure up.’”

Note: Tebow is not referring to a Pam Tebow doppleganger, because, well, he’s not batshit crazy. Still, this is a bit much, but not out of the realm of Tebow’s usual saint-like musings.

[SheKnows, via Busted Coverage]

  • Anonymous

    Get off his case, it’s refreshing to see someone with self-control not sleeping with and fathering every woman around. You guys are sick. 

  • Commonsensewisdom

    Dylan Murphy, you are sick.

  • gbearc

    Terrifying that he wants someone like the women he admires most? The only thing terrifying is how big a d-bag Dylan Murphy is.

  • david

    marriage is not a business or money. that’s why many Hollywood is getting married and divorced.he is looking for true love and role  model like him. thanks, Tim we are so proud of you as a christian. your help is from God, who created sky and earth.

  • brian

    Awesome ,david.

  • brian

    great comment David.

  • Grouchomarx

    Pretty sure Dylan Murphy is an idiot.

  • Blahblah2011

    Dylan you are SICK and so UNcool

  • Beachgma2005

    with all the tragedies taking place right now, why don’t you people go out and volunteer somewhere or go to a chapel and pray for peace and get off of Tebow’s back!?  Geez!  I have known his mom for 47 yrs. and if more moms were like her, we’d have a much better world.

  • Bloomsbury

    Something slightly off about Tim Tebow. I can’t place it.

    It’s always the die hard Christians who defend Tebow to the death. Lol. But most of us look at Tebow and don’t see some angelic hero unfairly treated. We see a guy who wants to play football and will use what he has to get it. Fair enough. And if people fall for his act, that’s fine. But there’s something else. Like I said, I just can’t place it.

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