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The Tony Romo-iest Interception Ever Helped End The Cowboys’ Season

Yeah, usually we start with an overall recap of the previous night in sports (that’s still coming later), but sometimes, exceptions must be made. Thanks to Tony Romo, this is such a time. Romo and the Cowboys had a lot on the line last night – the NFL scheduling gods pitted them against the division-rival Redskins in a regular season finale that doubled as a one-game playoff for the NFC East title. It was win or go home for both squads.

And near the end, the Cowboys had a chance. A touchdown and successful two-point conversion had them within three with just over three minutes remaining, and they had the ball. This wasn’t only a chance for the Cowboys to get to the playoffs – it was a chance for Tony Romo to change his reputation. Romo, despite being better than he’s generally given credit for (check the career numbers here; they’re really quite good), has a reputation as a choker. With a big game-winning drive last night, he at least could put a serious dent in that image. And then… this happened.

I’m far from a Cowboys fan, and when Romo threw that pass, even I was yelling at the TV screen. Not enraged, beside-myself, full-throttle, neighbor-scaring screams, though: these were more of an exasperated, “Come on, man, why the hell did you do that?!” variety. Because why the hell did Romo do that??? You just saw the play; do you have any answers for me? Didn’t think so.

And no, this play didn’t end the game, but the touchdown the Redskins scored following this baffling decision (thanks in no small part to their terrific field position) effectively did. Essentially shooting a fadeaway jump shot into the waiting arms of a defensive player at the worst possible moment in the biggest game of the year – that’s how a poor reputation is cemented forever. Based on his entire body of work, it’s tempting to say Romo deserves better. The way he played with his team’s season on the line, though (and he wasn’t very good in general last night – the above play was one of three interceptions), pretty much washes that temptation away – this time, perhaps, for the rest of his career.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pimptabulous Pimptabulous Syko

    Tony Romo has been a constant problem. He’s weighed the Cowboys down their entire season this year. He’s up near the very top if not the top after last nights game of interceptions thrown. He’s constantly doing it. When he’s not doing that, he’s wasting possible plays throwing the ball away. He’s just a bad QB. He’s not worth near what he’s being paid. The Cowboys will not be a respectable team worth playing until he’s gone. He does choke under pressure. Horribly. He’s lost the Boys and all their fans the entire season. I used to stand up for the guy. I used to tell people that he was just starting out, to give him a chance to prove otherwise, not to be so quick to judge, etc, but screw that. This dude just sucks. I’m so sick of seeing him screw over the entire team, game after game after game. He’s done. Get rid of Romo. He’s finished. Find another QB for America’s Team. This one’s not deserving of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.fuzie Tim J Fuzie

    You could have worse! Send him to Cleveland we will gladly take a QB like Romo that will get us a chance at the playoffs. I watched that whole game. The defense and the play calling is just as much to blame as Tony. He has had to play from behind all yr. So trade him and draft someone else then you can go 5-11 again and miss the playoff and be out by week 12! just like steelers fans win or kill ben. how about the run defence? How about rob ryan taking 3 qtrs to figure out how to stop one play? Dallas fans are spoiled by Aikman and Staubach because they had so much talent they couldnt help but look good. Tony was down to one starting wide receiver that wasn’t hurt, then he got hurt! THE TEAM JUST ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH, AND TONY CANT CARRY THEM LIKE TROY OR ROGER. Trade him and see how far you get with Orton. I will bet 6-10

  • LittleBoy

    Are you kidding me? Romo has kept the Cowboys from losing all their games. His ability to avoid the rush, because the Offensive line sucks, has kept them from playing out of their endzone all game. The defense sucks, they have the only scheme in the NFL that requires their defensive backs to close on their opponents( how many interceptions has they team had?) instead of running with them. Their outside line backers are never outside, their super stars are not where they are suppose to be on the routes, this is a undisciplined team, Romo has been hit and mauled all year. He has had a lot of courage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregkozak Greg Kozak

    Phony Romo will always be remembered as a choke-master. And the final interception of the Redskins game will serve as the defining symbol of his lasting legacy. Ah, what a wonderful night it was. HOW ‘BOUT ‘DEM REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregkozak Greg Kozak

    Ah, one small but crucial correction. The Cowpies aren’t America’s Team any more, if they indeed ever were. NOW, THE REDSKINS ARE AMERICA’S TEAM!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pimptabulous Pimptabulous Syko

    I suppose that’s why Seattle crushed them into the floor, hmm? How’s that workin’ out for ya, loudmouth? You knew exactly what I meant and couldn’t stand not to run your big flappity face. People like you got exactly what they deserved with the results of that game, lol. It’s dumbass fans like you, flappin’ their big empty heads around, mouthin’ off stupid ish, that make it impossible to have an actual discussion about the game anymore. Your team got crushed. I wouldn’t have otherwise ever said a word to you about it or thrown it in your face, but now you’ve proven yourself deserving of such a reality check. Hit me back when your team scraps itself up off the field, lol. Hows that humble pie taste? Moron.

  • Michael

    Does any one see that blitzer coming untouched? Think that had anything to do with the INT? I wonder if the blitzer had been picked up how the play would have ended. And then hatcher commits a penalty that gives the redskins another 4 downs instead of forcing the field goal. And they score the TD that puts the game out of reach. Online gives up a free rusher at romo. Romo throws and int. hatcher commits a penalty to seal the fate. Oh wait I forgot its romos fault. Romo gave up the free blitz romo threw the int romo committed the penalty on defense. Yup that’s about right. Romo lost the game because romo failed at all starting 22 positions. Then again football is a ONE man sport.

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