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Hey, NFL Fans: Trent Dilfer Thinks You’re A Bunch Of Entitled Idiots

You there. Yes, you.

Come hither. Put down that “fantasy football” mobile device you have there in your hand, you slack-jawed yokel, and come forth to listen. Approach, I say, and wipe the spittle from your chin. For a ball control quarterback wants to tell you you’re dumb on TV.

ESPN’s Trent Dilfer somehow took the ugly incident in Kansas City, in which a few idiot fans cheered when underperforming quarterback Matt Cassel suffered a nasty-looking head injury, and used that as an opportunity to hop on his high horse, then feed that high horse and tickle its underbelly until it took a big spicy dump on everyone who watches pro football.

From this morning’s Mike and Mike:

To recap: you think everything should be The Greatest Show on Turf, you are entitled, you play too much fantasy, and you think this all one big fucking fireworks display.

Why is Trent Dilfer, a guy who I enjoy watching talk about football on those bleary-eyed Sunday nights — nay, a man who feels like a friend, who helped me through many a hangover with his amiable monologues about zone running schemes and two tight end sets, his wise words like a flashlight guiding me through the anxiety-panged darkness of late weekend alcohol withdrawal — why did he just call me dumb? It’s like a very nice neighbor with whom you’ve had a friendly relationship all of a sudden telling you you’re a fucking idiot. I thought we were friends, and I’m more confused than angry.

Who told Trent Dilfer to be mean? I will find him and have a word with him, right after I close my fantasy app, take off my adult bib, and turn off my constantly-looping highlight reel of the 1999 Rams.

  • Anonymous

    So, let me get this straight.

    Since Trent Dilfer started making a living “teaching” people about the game of football on the largest sports centered media outlet in our country, people, for whatever reason, know less about football?

    Seems like an indictment of said sports centered media outlet, and especially indicative of the inability of their “experts” who are employed by said media outlet specifically to teach the relative layman out there of the nuances and intricacies of the sport.

    We, the sports fans, sincerely and humbly accept your resignation, Mr. Dilfer. The money you have been paid to keep us informed of the game you love so much clearly has gone to waste, by your own admission.

  • Anonymous

    Sean, quick question, and something I was thinking about but didn’t have time to work into the post: how much of this do you think has to do with the knock on Trent for being a “game manager” who lucked into a Super Bowl by way of a dominant defense? I feel like he’s almost talking to those people when he says “it’s not all touchdowns and candy canes you fantasy-obessed mouth-breathers.”

  • Devon Graham

    Trent’s right but it’s society in general.

  • Anonymous

    My (much longer) response never posted, so here’s my cliffnotes version.

    Some, I would assume. Hard to say how much, but some.

    There is truth in what he said, some truth at least. But in my opinion, it speaks more to his personal inability to take blame for what he himself has done (along with the rest of ESPN’s cracker-jack staff).
    He has a national pulpit to educate the layman on the game he loves. He, along with his employer, chooses to not do so by giving much more time to fluff stories and gossip, and less and less time to breaking down the game itself.

    They’ve created this mess. Their highlight packages did. Their reliance upon fantasy football to fill time slots did. Their “brand” of sports coverage has created sports fans who know nothing more than what ESPN teaches them.

    But they’ll never admit to it. It’s always someone else’s fault, in this case, the fans themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t Trent look at his own network that plays this game all day long. Doesn’t Skip Bayless and the afternoon shows do the same thing on every single subject not just the NFL. Before trashing the fans maybe Trent should trash his own network that does this nonsense daily.

  • Anonymous

    Trent and Steve Young *did* trash the NFL over the replacement ref thing despite ESPN’s kajillion-dollar deal with the league, so, baby steps, I guess. Maybe they’ll get around tocriticizing ESPN itself eventually, although I’m sure there’s a certain level of cachet you need around there before you can do that and get away with it.

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe I should say: do that and be confident you can get away with it.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s tough to blame Trent for the way ESPN has built its brand — and in turn, impacted the way we digest sports — but I also think he could’ve made his point with a little more finesse.

    Then again, they pay him to speak his mind.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame him for it, but I have to call him out for his complacence in being part of it. Definitely not all on him.

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