Vernon Davis Is No Longer Hosting A Post-NFC Championship Game After-Party

  • Tom Lorenzo

It looks like Vernon Davis wants to make sure he doesn’t jinx his San Francisco 49ers this weekend in their NFC Championship matchup against the New York Giants. After having been named the host of a post-game party, Davis has pulled out of the event to keep from seeming as if he’s “looking past” Sunday’s game by being a part of what’s assumed to be a celebratory party.

That makes a lot of sense. Nothing screams “bulletin board” material like a post-game victory party as hosted by one of your opponents.

Here’s the new updated invitation for the even, with Davis’ name blacked out.

Here’s the statement released by Manor West, on their website:

Announcement: Vernon Davis’ camp has decided to pull his name from the title of this event as he wants to make it clear to everyone that he is solely focused on the task at hand on the football field this Sunday, as he has been each and every game this season.

We with the venue (Manor West) would like to issue the following response in regards to the event, Vernon’s involvement, and what appears to simply be “silly-season” journalism in terms of the mainstream media’s coverage of this event:

Vernon Davis is not, and was not ever “throwing this party.” The venue has always been the one organizing the event, not Vernon Davis or his people.

This was only organized through his management, never directly with him. Vernon is not, and was not distracted by this event because he was never involved in planning it and it has had no affect on his preparation. This situation seems to be entirely made up by the media in attempts to formulate a story that wasn’t there.

Although Vernon’s name has been pulled from this event title, the event is still happening regardless of the outcome of the game or whether or not Vernon’s name is attached to it.

Furthermore, this event on Sunday night is a celebration of the 49ers season in general, not any sort of attempt at a predicted victory party.

The show must go on! You have to love that they are calling it a celebration of the 49ers season and not necessarily a victory party. So, you’re saying that you expect them to lose? I mean, wouldn’t you hold off on a “season that was” celebratory party until they no longer have anything left to play for? Uh-oh. Double jinx!

[SB Nation]

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