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Victor Cruz Apologizes For Zimmerman Blast On Twitter

The immediate aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict wasn’t a fun time for a lot of us, but some took it harder than others. As we mentioned on Sunday, Giants’ receiver Victor Cruz shot out a Twitter opinion that Zimmerman’s days were numbered. Probably not wise. How about a little more gas for that fire?

As was the case with Roddy White and a couple of other athletes, Cruz then quickly went into apology mode. He deleted the original tweet(s), then got all rational and philosophical on us.

Then Cruz went went on WFAN’s Boomer and Carton for further apologies.

Cruz claims he sent out the original tweet, then read it and decided it was too harsh. Possible of course, especially since Cruz just signed a big contract with the Giants, and is secure in that regard. But how often do athletes tweet stupid crap, and then have the team tell them to delete it? I’m sure the Giants still have some leverage with Cruz in that regard.

  • fedup

    here we go an idiot uneducated moron who just because he’s a pro athete believes he can offer an intelligent thought. hey jerk cruz…i guess you were sleep when your american government or course on the constitution of the united states was being taught…oh yeah i forgot…”you be a fooball play-yah and gots to be prack-a-sin instead of goin to class” hey cruz (let me put in in ebonics so you will understand) en dis cuntree da cons-si-tu-shun say you be inn-a-sent till provin gill-tee, and dat da poleece muss prove you be gill-tee be-ohn a resonable doubt”, not what you, i, or anyone else thinks, nor what most of the population thinks…hey stupid its call the “RULE OF LAW”..for exapmple you moron when you were at the meatpacking club where the police raided if they would have found any type of crime committed by you, your skanks, your homies, or anyone else it would be their responsibility to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that you committed any kind of crime. so if you are going to be upset at anyone you need to get mad at the prosecution team for the way they brought the case and the evidence they produce which ended up helping the defense….and you more than anyone should understand because you as well IS OF HISPANIC ORIGIN…but i guess you will only use that when you get in trouble and to distance yourself from you black identity…..and one more thing idiot…since you are so in an uproar about a 17 year old black male being shot and killed how about you, roddy white, and any other idiot football player protest the thousands upon thousands of black males under the age of 30 who are shot down like dogs and killed within the HOOD YOU TALK ABOUT BY OTHER BLACK MALES…..but i guess you are too busy chasing the white girls to do anything constructive to reduce the black-on-black crime that is destroying the black communities throughout this country…..

  • Adam


  • Jesus mata

    Hey bro, you sound stupid and stop using you experience and realize that they have an opinion like we have to accept your stupid comments. Were you there? No and we have to believe the shooter. If you find that right, then go ahead but I can’t believe the story of a killer facing life in prison but hey we live in America where the winner tells the story.

  • fedup

    where you there???? i guess you think oj is innocent and rejoiced when he was acquitted…your post confirms you know little if anything about the criminal justice system other than what brain dead athletes like cruz tell you…just because someone isn’t there does not mean an opinion or in the zimmerman case a decision is rendered. and no the winner doesn’t always tell the story you idiot…did scott petterson get off???? no he did not from the grave his wife and son ultimately won becasue he is now on death row…it’s just instead understanding how the constitution and our justice system works you set in front of the tv and someone tells you what to think and believe and you go out and parrot what you are told just like a “good boy”

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