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Video Of Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, And Cee-Lo Stealing The Show

Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show. Where to begin? I mean, there was a lot going on here: Nicki Minaj doing Nicki Minaj things, LMFAO doing not much at all, some guy on a tight rope seemingly breaking all laws of physics (and manparts) and Cee-Lo in a sparkly black robe essentially stealing the show.

And you know what? I’ll go out on a limb here and say this was a very good Super Bowl halftime show. Yep, I’m saying it. I’m sure you thought I was going to come in here and be all like “MADONNA’S SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SOMETHING SUCK SO BAD?” But I’m not! She held my attention for the four minutes she did her thing, and for that she should be commended.

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But, yes, Cee-Lo is the real winner here. Or, Cee-Lo’s sparkly black robe is the real winner here. Watch the video (which is of the beginning of her performance — we’ll have other videos up in a minute), and tell us what you think in the comments.

Madonna’s Entrance

LMFAO, Man On Tightrope Who Will Be Sore Tomorrow

Madonna, LMFAO, and MIA the Bird-Flipper

Cee-Lo and His Shiny Black Robe

  • Pooch2tri


  • Caseyshaw69

    Wow, that show SUCKED!!!!!!! I knew Madonna would ruin it, but I didn’t think it was possible to make me laugh and cry during a Super Bowl half time show.  Congrats to the NFL for booking a granny to entertain the world.  EPIC. FAIL.

  • Teammagre

    Who was the girl that flipped off the camera?

  • Aog747

    Love Madonna!! She was amazing. So her hair got caught in her robe, at least her boob didn’t fall out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000750594499 Cecily Loman

    Awsomeeeeeeee!!! I love it!!! best halftime ever!!

  • Rick

    Madonna’s Halftime show = worst performance since Brittany Spears tried her comeback and stumbled around on stage.

  • Firediva0377

    Was not wowed.

  • Lazaro4391

    Modonas performace was superb, she was much better then black eye pea’s and I think shes did a great job

  • Thorsen

    Meh … if you like lip syncing then you probably liked this show.  I am of the belief people should actually perform their songs, not let a digital track perform it.  But to each their own.

  • Alejanrdo_lovin

    so far its okay.  pretty imagery. low on energy.

  • LOL

    WTF were they thinking! We are not in 1990 anymore. That song is more than 20 years old and stale… show sucked. 

  • Tony

    If you didn’t like it, then you’re clearly just not a Madonna fan but there’s no denying it was hugely entertaining and the stage alone was jaw-dropping. BTW, you didn’t pay anything to see the show so stop complaining.

  • Halfpass111

    Madonna seems to be such a pompous diva, I was really hoping she would have a wardrobe malfunction or fall in her backside; coming in like Cleopatra, unbelievable. I should have gone for a snack.

  • Joseph Scholz

    The set wasn’t half bad, but Madonna can’t sing to save her life; last year, the Black Eyed Peas had a horrible set but at least exhibited what seemed to be some faint vestiges of musical talent (or well-rehearsed lip-syncing)

  • Sportfool

    It was great!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002070281131 Juan Ramon Gomez Penilla


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002070281131 Juan Ramon Gomez Penilla


  • Willness44

    From the last few years of halftime shows I really wasn’t expecting a great out come. I love rock ‘n’ roll and think that that is the core genre of the sport. However, Madonna’s show was truly amazing and will be remembered as one of the greats.

  • pcooke


  • Anonymous

    Wow, the music industry ain’t what it used to be. This is just getting embarrassing with all the lip-syncing. It used to be that lip-syncing was reserved for Soul Train episodes. There used to be electricity-charged TV shows like Midnight Special; artists used to come on the stage and get down with it, raw and visceral.

     I’m quite a bit younger than Madonna but I remember when groups like The Who or The Stones or Fleetwood Mac or Pink Floyd (and some North American bands too!) would play stadiums and large arenas and have decent-to-excellent sound production and play live with NO LIP-SYNCING.

    Even on what’s now Saturday Night Lip-sync  — formerly Saturday Night Live — I can remember Don-Kirschner-esque performances where the artists brought the house down — Billy Squier and Faith No More come to mind.

    Hell, even recent Super Bowls and other live performances from Jagger and The Rolling Stones showed what a live performance is supposed to be.

  • MBW

    From a senior would like to say that I thought the halftime show was wonderful. Madonna did a great job and especially liked the last piece with Cee Lo and the choir.

  • Npschick

    I think she did great considering she was nursing an injury to her hamstring!

  • jay

    There’s always those that hate her, and will hate the show regardless.
    Madonna did an impressive show, low key and without crossing any lines.  I have to give her a thumbs up for that.  An entertaining show, waiting for critisism but not really getting any.  Clean, Fun Halftime show.

  • Osidechick13

    MIA was the girl who flipped off the camera

  • Drostep222

    I thought she sounded fine, but she acted like she was afraid to move or she would fall or something…Thumbs down in my book.

  • giantsbaby

    OMG i was laughing my butt off. I usually like Madonna’s performances but she seemed silly, scared to fall and at times she was just ‘off” in a way I never seen her before. The beginning was nice in terms of the setup but after that it tanked and i found myself laughing at her cuz she seemed so silly and “trying too hard” 

  • sal

    Great entertainment! All performers were stellar. Madonna’s my age – go girl, go.

  • Davd101

    I understand the idea – what she was trying to do, but it was very tame. Ending with Like a Prayer was a big mistake.  Nothing memorable here today.  I’d need a crane to get it up on this one…. B-

  • JR

    Pretty sure Stevie Nicks & David Gilmour aren’t busting out dance moves while they’re singing live. I love Pink Floyd & Fleetwood Mac but comparing them to Madonna is like comparing apples & oranges. Madonna is a talented performance artist and does have a great voice but at 53 you either dance or you sing, so for the Superbowl she leaned towards a the visual and I thought she did a great job with it!

  • Lrgsmth

    What are you like 10?

  • Jacko

    She was amazing you are all a bunch of idiots!

  • Erezyacob

    Loved Madge!!! 

  • JR

    Way to roll ageism and sexism into one pointless statement.

  • ThatFLgirl

    i have loved Madonna for 25 years, and she is amazing.  what a great show!

  • Jrpython2

     the show was great!  she was terrific !  Madge can still swing her stuff!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5D4DB4VXR7LEFMOLZZJCTSGLQM BreeE

    She was lipsyncing. But she did great other than the whole not actually singing thing.

  • Traci Fawcett

    At  least she didn’t get up in that disgusting leotard.
    It was a pretty awful performance – I guess if she can’t be a dirty old granny flashing her fanny & singing about her candy store, then there is not much to her shows really …. besides the miming !

  • DenCo

    I thought it was great bringing in great 80s songs and melding them with the new generation of singers.  Terrific.

  • Noemail

    Best 1/2 time show EVER

  • Birdle

    I guess in a way I’m fortunate.  I’m old enough to remember when music use to be exciting.  I don’t even know what this was.  Maybe I missed the point and it wasn’t about the music.  Just me I guess, but an electronic kick drum over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Floored

    Absolutely amazing how most people who could barely sing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and even move their butt half that much in 8 hours, can rip apart a 50 year old performer who has done more in her life than any of them ever will dream about in their wildest drug induced dreams… 

  • Willness44

    I couldn’t really tell if she was lip syncing, I figured she might have been. It was still great performance put on by and entertainer that has obviously made some good decisions in her career. If you did’t like the old songs she did well thats probably because you weren’t born when they came out. It’s not my taste but I think its great to want to put on a great show. I wish LMFAO did a bit more, They’re great to watch and Cee Lo just has a amazing presents on stage.

  • nottus

    Amazing. You can see why she holds the records as the worlds No. 1 solo touring artist

  • K-Doc


  • jay

    to whoever called madonna a GRANNY: your granny NEVER looked that good!  lol.  I pray I look like that at 53!  good show though the selected tracks surprised me.  no material girl?  vogue was a fav of mine but didn’t think she’d do it.  like a prayer yes…but express yourself?  oh well.  lots of lights and action which is mostly what they want nowadays.   and great legs!  lol!

  • Traci Fawcett

    About the first time that dirty old hag’s show has been “clean” – she’s usually flashing her bits at the crowd EWWWWWW

  • Rhinestonetiarra


  • http://Facebook.com/ Cali Jay

    Wow I really looked forward to seeing her since I’m not a fan but always liked some of her songs and BOY WAS THIS BAD. She looked old and tired. Like it was some old fitness tape. Madonna u gotta step it up or just retire like seriously. She DID NOT SING AT ALL. Yes that seemingly live performance was a pre recorded backup. Nicki minaj was her usual lack luster self but I liked M.i.a! Honestly I hope she looked like someone’s grandma TRYING to dance #my living room of guests seemingly agree

  • http://Facebook.com/ Cali Jay


  • Rhinestonetiarra

    She was clunky, she fell off the step once, then she later she danced down to the floor and could hardly make it back up.  No one dances in 5″ heels.  Pretty face, great music, but she is no dancer …… fake English accent and too arrogant lately …. she needed a giant slap down and she gave it to herself tonite ….

  • Paulmacintyre06

    only about a billion tuned in to watch madonna.. like to see some of the moaners here get of there sofa at 55 years of age and do it ha ha

  • Floored

    Maybe the injured hamstring had something to do with that being ”
    afraid to move or she would fall or something”…. 

  • Zanza

    The disappearing act was the best part lol!

  • lester

    it was the best . i loved it wow

  • http://Facebook.com/ Cali Jay

    Her dancers took all the focus off her bad dancing which I’m sure was the intent. Yes Madonna is looking good for her age but some people should know when to let it go

  • Floored

    Hmmm.. considering that Cleopatra was never carried by a single Roman Gladiator your reference point is off.. basically she was being carried as any Roman Leader/Coach by the Gladiators/Football Players… it was perfect symbolism for a Football game show followed through in the later new song with the Marching Band and the Cheerleader references… 

  • Kostinjulia

    she just…. looked stiff and awkward. i didn’t feel any energy. especially when the dude from lmfao randomly flipped her over in that awkward wheel-barrow pose…i just didnt understand. also, the world peace thing at the end seems a little redundant and extremely random… as soon as me and my friends saw it we were confused at to why they did that… most of the songs had nothing to do with “world peace,” so it seemed like a pathetic attempt to chuck some heavy ideology into a 15 minute half time show…. random. at some points i was too embarrassed to watch. it was just strange…. she made weird movements and there was too much going on for me to focus in and really appreciate anything. i don’t have anything against madonna, but in terms of calling that solid entertainment? ….yikes.

  • DJ

    Sal is right…. I’m Madonna’s age as well, I’m trim and fit, yet most of us her age would have a hard time keeping up with her. I should also mention that I don’t follow her anymore, my days of playing all her songs are long gone. I really couldn’t care less if she was good or not… although, I found she dazzled the half-time show and raised the bar!
    It seems everyone is a critic these days, especially people that couldn’t jog around the block without being out of breath.
    The staging effects were awesome… that is to say, when you pay $$$ now a days to see groups perform and most stages can’t compare and if they do, it takes days to set up and tear down, unlike this half time show!!! How many millions did Vancouver spend for the staging of the Olympics, yet they had a major hitch…. I didn’t see one on today’s show!!!
    Like I said, I’m no “groupie” for Madonna…. sal summed it up perfectly… go girl, go 

  • gk

    I know my Niece can “Shuffle” better than her……sorry Madonna…….you are trying too hard…just let go!

  • r3spawn

    I think Madonna

  • LC

     She was amazing and “a bunch of idiots” is an understatement!!  =)    People like that thrive on negativity & criticizing others because of their own self image.  Even if they did enjoy it, they would never admit it.  These are the people others try to avoid when spotted in the grocery store by not going down the isle they are on because you don’t want to have to stop and speak and listen to them whine and complain… and everyone who knows them feels the same and they don’t even realize that’s why they don’t have many, if any, friends.   Thus, having to come here to express their negativity because this is the only audience they can get.  LoL…   Funny, but sad!

  • polly

    Its was a truely spectacular show! Beautiful presentation! Fun and current!!! People putting down the work of so many people…its not just madonna at work here, theres multiple artists, visual and lighting effect, choroeography so on. Seriously so many unworthy comments from people who havent achieved a even a portion of the success that this hard working crazy woman has. Are you as good at your job as she is at hers??
    Nooooo didnt think so :(

  • LC

     Did we see the same performance??  Maybe you need to upgrade your TV..  I would love to see what you look like and move like and sing like…. all at the same time.  Just hush if you have nothing nice to say… 

  • http://Facebook.com/ Cali Jay

    OMG SHUT THE HELL UP ! They’re people’s opinions. Are you on the pay roll? No so stop crying u idiot. If people thought it was horrible FINE, why the hell are YOU so mad? Oh that’s right because you don’t have a job all you do is WORSHIP MADONNA all damn day

  • http://Facebook.com/ Cali Jay

    Lol I know she looked like she was brittle and about to break into pieces

  • Traci Fawcett

    And how do you rate how good I’m at MY job Polly? 
    I guess I don’t go around flashing my fanny at the crowds, getting myself photographed as a naked prostitute hitchhiking, and the list goes on and on !
    Madge has no class. She can buy as many estates in England, but the lady is actually a tramp! (and a fairly talentless one at that).

  • LC

    I’ve never read the comments of so many perfect people.  I would love to see what each and everyone of you with critical remarks looks like and know how active you REALLY are and see you dance..     Obviously, your opinions are of a very small minority based on the facts of her success.   There will always be you folks who just can’t say anything positive and have to be heard……Complainers!!     

  • Traci Fawcett

    I’m with Cali Jay – It did look like some sad old granny on a fitness tape LOL
    But hey, wouldn’t matter if she tripped up her dancers and fell flat on her face (while still singing of course) her obsessive army of gay-boy fans will see right past all that cause Madge is Queen … W H A T E V A !

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_J2GS6NVYL2PB35UZ2EHMJ47EPM OhDogg

     What would it take to wow you? I thought she looked and sounded great.

  • LC

     Fake “English” accent???    She is Hispanic…   And what exactly is a “Rhinestonetiarra” ??    Speaking of fake??     I bet you are one sexy, classy entertainer… 

  • Anonymous

    *looks at av*   Are you really a hairstylist  ?   lol

  • Anonymous

    “dirty old granny flashing her fanny”  ?  How old are you exactly  ?

  • Traci Fawcett

    Hasn’t any told you yet LC – Madonna doesn’t hire her dancers from those that brown-nose her on blogs! You should give it up like she should :-)

  • Anonymous

     I bet you look more like a granny, you sure sound it

  • Jepoy

    Well, how many talentless, clunky, old, arthritis-ridden, 50 year olds are asked to perform at the Superbowl halftime to entertain a billion people around the world??? Well???
    THAT actually says a lot about the woman. *tee-hee*

    Madonna was great!

  • Tabatha

    I read the negative reviews and watched the half-time show online for the first time anyway since I missed it on TV.  Wow, those critics should be out of a job.  I agree with some that Madge has become arrogant but she is NOT irrelevant.   She kept up with dancers half her age.   It was “grand” in true Madonna style.  She doesn’t do anything with half effort.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.  I may not agree with her attitude but I still give her kudos for a fantastic half time show.

  • Traci Fawcett

    Haven’t you seen the old hag flashing her bits around in her live (and I use the term loosely, kind of like Madge) shows ??? 
    To answer your question, not as old as her !

  • Justin Marsh

    I don’t relish giving this a negative review; however… It was the lip-synching. I thought we were beyond that, (Milli Vanilli?) 

    Prince, I believe, played the best Super Bowl halftime show in memory… I’m hoping that next year, the NFL chooses Van Halen to play — that band’s music is second to only Queen’s in being played at sporting events.

  • Traci Fawcett

    Clearly one too many – take off your blinkers and see the old talentless hag for what she is, not what she was. She was dreadful.

  • Jepoy

    Whatta cop-out. Name one.

  • Sierrarea

    i liked it. great job madonna

  • Jay Dun086

    what are you retarded???  The old broad was the best they had followed by some finocchios

  • Felicia

    She moved like a stiff 60 year old, not her age at all.  What was the black and white all about- World Peace, not happen!

  • Djina


  • Jay Dun086

    all the other people she performed with sucked their usual asshole

  • Traci Fawcett

    OMG Madonna fans are dumb!
    Name one: Madonna you fool !

  • Nene

    I can`t believe the general llevel of ignorance here. Madonna  started out  as  a  dancer  &  she  was/is   certainly  an excellent  one .  I have  always  admired  her  spirit  as  a  performer- she  has  pushed  boundaries  &   enabled  many  performers  of  today  to “express themselves” . I  think  she  did  an  excellent  job (considering  her injury  &  those heels!)  I didn`t  feel  either  affected  her  great performance .Also lets not  forget  she  was performing  for  a  football  crowd-we  have  a similarly  stupid  game  here  in  Australia  sans  the  helmets,padding  etc-It`s  called  rugby  league ( otherwise  knowwn  as  thugby)-I  might  even  watch  it (well, halftime perfomance)  if we  had entertainment like Madonna) 

  • Margrit

    Madonna is an amazing American Show Business Icon…. since the beginning people either loved or hated her…and whatever the sentiment was/is, says more about the person than about her…

  • Daxmartin2005

    OPEN MIND. Others here criticize only based on how they view and here but not with the HEART!  You just state how she looks like and that her music is like “!” Aint it about time that you go deeper to appreciate what is there before you? I agree that there could never be a PERFECT SHOW, BUT TO HAVE THE TALENT TO PERFORM IN FRONT OF ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE DESPITE OF ANY CONDITION SHE MAY BE IN, CONSIDERING EVEN THAT SHE KNOWS AND ADMITS THAT THIS IS A HARD TASK FOR HER,  AS HOW IT CAME OUT IN TOTAL… IT WAS THE BEST!TO THE OTHERS, ONE DAY, YOULL BE AT HER AGE OR LETS SAY… WOULD YOU ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO SAY THAT TO THEIR GRANDPARENTS OR ANYONE OLDER THAN YOU.
    If you are to criticize be just. Madonna was already anticipating for all those bad comments thats why she is strong and wise. She is not the best, but she knows how to handle the best that she can give. Learn from everyone and not from your selfish minds! Peace!

  • Jgfernislandinn

    That is wright miss thing! I’m a Finocchio BIIIGGGGG one and I love ,her! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PO4C5OVP7BWJTDIPDDNEIWKDFI Arabia May


  • Jgfernislandinn

    Jacko,I have to say you  make more sence that the rest of these negative broke (a–) people who are critical of anything that makes sence.We all have to remember that those that normally are negative are those who lack confidence or are wishing to be that performer or have their fame,Poor broke (a–) souls!!!!

  • Steve – Arizona

    I can’t believe people actually liked this phony lip sync display! The songs were horrible, ZERO crowd involvement and too many guest singers and performers. Gene Simmons was absolutely right when he said it would be a karaoke show about a month ago. I’ve seen every half time show since the first Super Bowl  and this was definitely the WORST ever! I almost threw up all my Super Bowl snacks….

  • Traci Fawcett

    Funny how Madonna fanatics are all experts in “pop-psychology” …. same sort of shallowness as their “God” Madonna! Can’t accept anyone criticising the old hag now can we! All Madge’s fans comments are personal attacks on other bloggers, perhaps you should apply your pop-psychology to yourself :-p

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1646503846 Joe Ovalle

    MADONNA killed it TAKE THAT HATERS!!!!!! She sure showed them how a show it’s really DONE!

  • Tarindersingh33

    Bad. Just bad. I’m glad her 60 year old boob didn’t fall out. Terrible show.

  • Tarindersingh33

    Big mistake. Madonna is washed-up and boring. Painful show to watch on a world-class stage.

  • Persiandiva

    HATERS STOP DRINKING ALL THAT HATERAIDE!! Madonna is a freakin’ legend.. I have been to her concerts and yes she sing that well live .. just because new genre can’t sing worth shit doesn’t mean she lip sings like they do.. STOP HATING! 

  • Jump_off69

    Terrible. She’s old and washed up. Might have been good when my grandfather was a kid, but not now. I made toast instead of watching Madonna, because making toast was more entertaining than she was.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kcslawek Kelly Slawek

    MIA is the artist who flipped the birdie

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  • Traci Fawcett

    Another retarded Madge worshipper trying to force their opinions down everyone’s throats … it was all lip-synced rubbish from a clapped out old whore, and everyone knows it.
    There was plenty to hate about THAT appalling performance. Give it up Madge, and take your freak fan base with you !

  • polly

    Charming bunch of “LADIES” we have on here!

  • zio

    Madonna’s talent isn’t in her singing or dancing – it is in her ability to recognize and bring together the best of the best for her production teams – ability to recognize talent, bring it together and consistently and continually reinvent oneself is a rarity  – Madonna had done this for 35+ years – her success and influence in the industry is unquestionable – 53 is not old by any means and to cite that as a reason for her to stop preforming make the argument irrelevant and juvenile.  Grow up people – if you want to attempt a critical analysis say something that has some credence.  Bashing someone is a form of violence that is really unnecessary in the context of an entertainment performance – If you are that incensed by her – turn the channel – it wasn”t a political statement – it was a show – CHILL

  • Sugaplum777

    The show overall was wonderful!!! Loved the cheerleading dancers!!!

  • http://Facebook.com/ Cali Jay


  • Tkgriffin

    Ok, first of all, everyone pitching a fit on her dancing… She had a hamstring injury! For Christ sakes people! Walking alone with something like that is extremely painful! And in heels too? Damn near impossible! Yet alone dancing in them! I for one would not be able to do it! Of course she was maybe a little scared or timmid! You would be too if you were trying not to make an injury worse! Most people use those things called crutches when they have that kind of injury! The fact that she even got up there and did it shows complete courage and commitment! As far as her singing… She wasn’t lip singing. I could hear the staggering in her breath during some of her dance moves (something that can’t be faked on a recording, and timed perfectly to the dancing by the way). When you are a singer with training, you learn the freaking difference! Her voice was excellent! Even my mom who hates her music, had to agree that she was excellent! As far as being a granny… I wish I looked that good now, and I’m 39! She’s always been beautiful! As far as being a diva… She has earned that right! But quite frankly I would call it more of being an intelligent, strong minded, independent woman with a great sense of business! She works hard for what she’s accomplished! All the little girls you see out now days always try to imatate her for a reason. And they will never be as great as the original! As far as the other performers… I had absolutely no clue who any of them were. But they did pretty good too. As for Madonna’s attire… Very classy! I didn’t have to cover my young children’s eyes. Bravo on her choice to not be looking like a slut during a game that is viewed by children (unlike other artists, and cheerleaders). Now that was a commendable choice altogether! All in all, I think she did a fantastic and amazing job all around… Even with her circumstances with her injury! Well done!

  • Angie_kay86

    Wow….yes, music.these days is completely different than ever before….as an 80′s child I was impressed with Madonna’s performance…considering her age and injuries, she did wonderful….as for the “granny” & “old hag” remarks I can only say this, my grandmas didn’t look that good at age 53 & if you consider Madonna to be that bad, why did you even bother watching the halftime show, much less commenting about it????!!!!!

  • DR

    I don’t consider myself a Madonna fan, but I don’t agree with the negative comments. It’s like you’re just trying to come up with the most hateful thing to say about something that probably only *slighly* irked or annoyed you. Your reactions are more worthy of someone who committed a murder-suicide or killed some puppies.

    Bottom line is, if you get off on calling people names, you just have self esteem issues. You might want to work on that.

  • Mark

    hispanic!!??..not even close…she’s Italian-American

  • Mjw9363

    110 million idiot and she’s 53

  • Mjw9363

    you don’t have to be a chef to know the food taste bad…anyone who lips syncs 25 year old songs sucks 

  • Mjw9363

    yeah Rugby…where the men are half the size…half the speed and half the intelligence,..I guess that’s why you enjoy watching someone lip syncing

  • Mjw9363

    what “talent” does it take to lip sync!??

  • Mjw9363

    do some research dummy…she was lip syncing

  • Robert Niedermeier


  • Madalena Albuquerque

     A inveja é um defeito horrível. Vê lá se és esperto o suficiente para traduzir isto.

  • Jack

    For whatever reason (age, injury, food poisoning… who knows?) she looked stiff and awkward. The music was bad. It was just stupid.

  • powerkat

     ”arrogant Lately”?! i respect what she does, but hasn’t arrogance kind of been her trademark since “like a virgin”?! (i only wish i had that much self esteem!!) it’s what made her who she is, she can’t act, (LOL!) she can’t sing, and she dances ok. but she’s had a giant ego since she was a teenager, and that’s what made her so huge. i didn’t watch the SB, just saw some clips, but she did some difficult s**t for a 53 year old, you gotta at least respect that. oh, and the stage was pretty cool.( i never get how they get it up and down so fast!)

  • Pwr Kat3

     yea, she’s italian, not hispanic. and why are people fighting and name calling about a musical performance? wtf?

  • Pwr Kat

     yes, because american football players are all such rhodes scholars. ha!
    (look it up.)

  • Rebecca

    Horrible halftime, horrible game, horrible commercials!!!!

  • Pwr Kat3

     mark, why are you so angry that you even have to insult rugby players when the topic is madonna?

  • Kaforda

    OK, many of you clearly don’t understand how performances work. If you are standing and singing like Whitney Houston then you can sing live. Even she lip synced her performance of the national anthem. The acoustics in a stadium don’t allow for live singing. Also, when one is performing, doing flips, and going up and down stairs one cannot sing live. Or at least not well. Madonna’s performance was spectacular. The staging, costuming and integration of technology were all top rate. Yes, Madonna is in her 50′s but you would not have known it by her energy level or theatrics. I’d like to see the average 50 year old pull off that performance. Don’t hate: congratulate.

  • sugarcupid.com

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  • chris

    Caseyshaw69- You are hateful   and  extremely rude. i am not a fan of Madonnas at all. But your  assinine remark about the NFL choosing a granny to perform is immature and plain dumb. I  admire  Madonna who doesnt look or act her age, and though I am not a fan of hers,  I really dont like most of her songs.  But I commend her highly for not giving up due to age.  Age is a state of mind.  I admire her  celebration   of life and age by going on a KEEP going on. You and teh majority of others should be so lucky to have what she has, non stop.  It is marvelous to see anyone defy age and keep living the best they can. Go, go Madonna. I thought the show was impressive, despite some blunders that were obvious.  A big show like this would be hard as hell to put together.

  • Didorsi

    She was and is the biggest tramp there ever was.She was big back then when she had a few good hits,but we ALL know how she got to the top.And you men that love her whats up with that>I don’t know many men that do.Usually real guys like rock and roll

  • Floored

    Sounds like someone is deeply jealous that her “not as old” bits dont look anywhere near as good as Madonnna’s and that no one wants to see her “not as old” bits either….

  • Pwr Kat3

    idk, mick jagger is what, like 67 or something, and he nevers stops moving on stage, he runs up and back on the catwalk, and he doesn’t lipsynch! just sayin!

  • Eyesotp

    Even with the mishaps, the show was hot and very entertaining. 

    People are trying to make fun of her age, but that woman looks waayyy better than some of these cheeseburger and Funyuns eating 20 somethings I see everyday.  Barely can walk up a flight of steps without gasping for air.  GTFOH.

  • Anonymous

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  • cymbal

    I thought everyone did pretty well except for MIA and Nicki Minaj.  MIA didn’t even deserve to be on the stage and Nicki Minaj obviously lip synced her all too predictable garbage.  Why can’t we get some true artists up on the stage like cee-lo who can actually sing live??

  • LC

     Traci Fawcett…. I’ve noticed in all of your other posts regarding Madonna’s performance you refer to “Madonna fanatics”.  How do you determine that?   Just because the people who enjoyed the show  have something positive to say…. doesn’t mean they are Madonna fanatics and for you to automatically assume that is narrow minded.   I had no idea who was performing during the Super Bowl halftime show and I have never purchased any of Madonna’s music….     Have you ever heard the statement, “if you can’t say something nice, it’s better to not say anything at all”??     It means don’t be uncouth and have some class….       Your critical attacks are not taken personal.  They are just nauseating and proof that there should be a law against people with low IQ’s owning PCs.   

  • cymbal

    Uhh no denying it was hugely entertaining?  many people on here would beg to differ!  The stage and visual effects were pretty amazing but people aren’t complaining about that, now are they?  BTW, people didn’t pay to see it but they were curious enough to watch it and are entitled to their opinions!!

  • LC

     LoL… My bad.  I was replying to “Rhinestonetiarra” who questioned her fake English accent.  I knew that wasn’t the case…  Thanks!!  =)

  • LC

     Well said !!!  Unfortunately, the mentality  of miserable people of this nature will not allow them to ever fulling grasp that concept and see the need of finding other ways to build up their self esteem rather than finding faults of others.  

  • LC

     =)   LMBO….    Good one!! 

  • LC

     Einstein Didorsi,  A few good hits??? 

     ”Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness World Records. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), she is the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century and the second top-selling female artist in the United States, behind Barbra Streisand, with 64 million certified albums. In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked Madonna at number two, behind only The Beatles, on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, making her the most successful solo artist in the history of the Billboard chart. She was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the same year. Considered to be one of the “25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century” by Time
    for being an influential figure in contemporary music, Madonna is known
    for continuously reinventing both her music and image, and for
    retaining a standard of autonomy within the recording industry.”

    She obviously has done something right…And, NO, I’m not a Madonna fanatic….never spent a dime on her music, movies or children’s books.  

  • Cashmedrano

    A ver quien puede traducirme el show awesome y el portugues apesta

  • Cashmedrano

    A la vergaconpogrinpigopo The Real Lenguage Is cashmoney

  • LC

     Jay DunO86…  Let me guess, you’re a redneck who only listens to country music?    Can smell redneck all over you!!

  • LC

     I don’t think all the “brown nosing” in the world would make Madonna want to hire a paraplegic in a wheelchair…    DA

  • LC

     Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness World Records. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), she is the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century and the second top-selling female artist in the United States, behind Barbra Streisand, with 64 million certified albums. In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked Madonna at number two, behind only The Beatles, on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, making her the most successful solo artist in the history of the Billboard chart. She was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the same year. Considered to be one of the “25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century” by Time
    for being an influential figure in contemporary music, Madonna is known
    for continuously reinventing both her music and image, and for
    retaining a standard of autonomy within the recording industry.

    These are the same people buying Super Bowl tickets…  When you can afford Super Bowl tickets and go to the game…. then maybe you can have some influence on the live entertainment….  who stands up and actually sings…..  but , because of the acoustics, it will sound horrible.    Enjoy that!! Boring!

  • LC

     Madonna has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time by the Guinness World Records. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), she is the best-selling female rock artist of the 20th century and the second top-selling female artist in the United States, behind Barbra Streisand, with 64 million certified albums. In 2008, Billboard magazine ranked Madonna at number two, behind only The Beatles, on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, making her the most successful solo artist in the history of the Billboard chart. She was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the same year. Considered to be one of the “25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century” by Time
    for being an influential figure in contemporary music, Madonna is known
    for continuously reinventing both her music and image, and for
    retaining a standard of autonomy within the recording industry.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_76A6QQFHUCUHM5YO2ESECD5AAY Sara G

    WOW, can somebody say Illuminati?

  • Go

    Epic. Douchery. This is the first halftime since Prince that didn’t suck.

  • Cdcarolis2

    She totally sucked and to coin her phrase it was reductive!

  • Cdcarolis2

    Madonna is an egotistical, arrogant bitch, perhaps none of you saw the screen shot of how rude she was to an adoring fan who went out of his way to present her with a rare flower, as she took it from him never even looking at him or saying thank you to him, but as she stuffed it under the table she was sitting at you could hear her say she hates those kind of flowers and fans like that.  Ingrate also comes to mind, that’s when she lost my respect I’ll tell you that!

  • Cmlulu2000

    Obviously you are immature and besides that, you sound extremely critical of anything or anybody.  I hardly consider Madonna a granny.  Credit needs to be rewarded especially when she hasn’t performed in years. 

  • Suez_green

    takeout the trash of MIA, and that was the best superbowl show I have ever seen. Way to go Madonna.

  • LC

    I agree!!  Jealousy and envy is very unbecoming and that statement reeks of it.   I would LOVVVE to see Caseyshaw69 in person..    =)

  • Traci Fawcett

    Oh I think you are a Madge fanatic LC after that rant! It was too long and boring to read !

  • Traci Fawcett

    You’ve copied and pasted this rubbish quiet a few times now LC … and it doesn’t change the fact that your “Queen” Madonna is a washed up old hag who put on a very lame show. Face the facts LC, she’s over it, and we are over her :-p  

  • Traci Fawcett

    Oh I beg to differ – if she could spin it so it made her look “caring” (as opposed to the callus old mole that she is) then she’d hire a retard in a flash! She even steals black children from Africa! The hag on the dancefloor has no shame!

  • Traci Fawcett

    Here comes another fanatic Madge Gay-Boy retard fan who can’t handle the truth about their clapped out old heroine (who secretly agrees with me that at least she didn’t flash her bits around)

  • Traci Fawcett

    Just excuses ! She performed like an old hag …. can someone PLEASE tell her to GIVE IT UP! 

  • Traci Fawcett

    Wrong again retard. It was simply an awful show, carried out badly by an old hazbeen granny-in-a-leotard. It’s the facts LC – get used to it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1646503846 Joe Ovalle

    Madonna showed why she is The Queen Empress of Pop

  • Anonymous

     You sound majorly infantile. Go you.

  • LC

    Traci Fawcett……… Wrong Again!!  That was not MY RANT !!!   Do you not know what quotation marks are and/or what they mean??  Granted, I didn’t specify in my post what I was quoting from, as I did not see it as being necessary…  I simply copied and pasted a passage from Wikipedia (surely you know what that is..) that summed up her accomplishments.    On second thought, if that little bit of information is too long for you to read and you are bored that easily…. you probably don’t know about Wikipedia or encyclopedias.  

    I’m not a Madonna “fanatic”…. It took me all of about 5 mins to research and find 3 different resources to obtain information concerning her career & accomplishments.  

    ***INTERESTINGLY!!!   It didn’t take me long to discover something else that is rather disturbing and reveals there is obviously a lot more to your reasons for so much “hatred” towards Madonna.    Based on the same type of public “Madonna Bashing” you have been doing as far back as 2008 as below:

    ” Traci Fawcett says:

    August 25, 2008 at 4:55 am

    Sticky and Sweet Tour ????? How about Dirty old Hag tour!

    Doesn’t matter that she “plays” or “sings”, and I use those terms
    loosely (kind of like her), who wants to see a granny in a leotard on
    stage EWWWWWWWW VILE !!!!

    I’d say you are BEYOND OBSESSED  with MADONNA and need to seek help!!!     

  • LC

     I didn’t see that and agree, if that’s the case…that was pretty shitty!  When & where did that take place?  Do you know if there is an accessible video of that anywhere?? Thanks!

  • LC

    This is a CALL OUT to poster, Traci Fawcett…..  

    Based on all of your rude, uncouth, hateful comments about Madonna here and the multitude of others on other sites, such as the one below from 2008:

     Traci Fawcett says:

    August 25, 2008 at 4:55 am

    “Sticky and Sweet Tour ????? How about Dirty old Hag tour!

    Doesn’t matter that she “plays” or “sings”, and I use those terms
    loosely (kind of like her), who wants to see a granny in a leotard on
    stage EWWWWWWWW VILE !!!! ”

    You are obviously obsessing over Madonna and need to seek help !!!   

  • Traci Fawcett

    “All the little girls you see out now days always try to imatate her for a reason. And they will never be as great as the original! ”
    There is nothing original about Madge. There was a website (that no doubt her lawyers had shut down) that showed every “reinvention” that she went through was just a blatant  copy of another famous person with that particular look from yesteryear !

    She’s a fraud. And lets face it the hamstring injury was probably just spin. There is nothing real about this women, other than the fact she can’t put on a good performance these days.
    Has-been. Please retire !

  • Traci Fawcett

    Oh dear LC … you talk about being obsessed !
    You copied a Wikipedia page (without credit) and posted it about 10 times on this forum, and seem to be stalking me for some very truthful comments made back 4 years ago, and then claim in the same breath that you ARE NOT OBSESSED WITH MADONNA?!?!?!?

    Are you on her payroll? Very sad little boy !

  • Zombies E SexierThan Vadge

    It was hydrangeas, it was widely reported and you, being an obsessed Vadge tard, have selective vision, you moron.

  • Zombies R Sexier Than Vadge

    Whoah, cyberstalker! LC you have lots of problems. Not to mention your insane Vadge obsession.

  • Traci Fawcett

    When the boss (Madge) pops back into the office LC, would you ask her to look into “Age Appropriate Attire” for her next tour? From her recent past performances she starting to border on the “granny porn” theme, which is rather rude and uncouth to the general public  :D

  • Traci Fawcett

    Apparently old Madonna is furious that M.I.A’s “finger detracted from her act”.
    I thought she would have been happy that people are talking about the finger, rather than her absolutely awful granny-jazzercise-video performance. Sheeesh, Madge must be hiding her plastic face in shame !

  • Sdhjjhl

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  • Floored

    Traci … time for you to get a life.   Check the sale flyers this weekend for Walmart and Kmart… maybe they have one on sale that you can buy for yourself

  • Sbblair72

    lol@ BEpeas  worst performance ever. 

  • Anny-ka8


  • Joe Finche

    Am I the only one to point out here that the MATERIAL GIRL didn’t perform her titular song?

  • janie


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