Even Warren Sapp Is Talking Trash About Alvin Greene

  • Glenn Davis

By now you might have heard of Alvin Greene, the out-of-nowhere Senate candidate from South Carolina who stunned just about everyone by winning the state’s Democratic Senate primary despite being unemployed, mounting essentially no campaign, and, it turned out, facing a felony obscenity charge. FOX News’ Shepard Smith was one of the many unimpressed with Greene, and now we can add another to that lengthy list: former NFL star Warren Sapp.

How do we know? Earlier today, Sapp tweeted the following:

Please Somebody Go To S. Carolina And Stop Senate Candid[ate] Alvin Green[e] WOW!! He Can’t Form a Complete Sentence!! WTF???? Can’t Be REAL!!!

About that last line – according to some, Sapp might be on to something. Jim Clyburn, the veteran South Carolina Congressman, flat-out said Greene must have been planted by someone to hurt Democrats:

“There were some real shenanigans going on in the South Carolina primary. I don’t know if [Greene] was a Republican plant; he was someone’s plant.”

Sapp wasn’t done with that initial tweet, either. Later, when replying to several apparently random people, he struck again:

2nd Dumbest State Just Zoomed By Arkansas!!! Just behind Mississippi Now!! WOW South Carolina!!! Don’t Do It!! Alviiiiiiiin!

(It’s unclear where he’s getting Arkansas and Mississippi from.) And believe it or not, Sapp still wasn’t done with his anti-Greene crusade, later posting a brief video snippet from this Keith Olbermann-Greene interview.

If there’s any way to sum up the bizarre rise of Greene, it’s this: it’s safe to say that when you win a primary and get everyone from people in your own state’s party organization to the 1999 NFL Defensive Player of the Year begging you to drop out of the race and this is the best anyone can do to defend you, you are likely not a very strong Senate candidate.

Also, Sapp is probably not the type of person you want angry at you.

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