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Our Contest Is Over, And We’re Officially Calling The Washington Redskins The ‘Washington…’

Washington Redskins Racist

As we explained a week ago, the SportsGrid staff has decided to stop using the term, “Washington Redskins.” Right now. That was the last time we’ll write it.

So, which suggestion was the winner?

Well, there was none. I personally wanted to call them the “Washington Foreskins,” as suggested by a couple of readers, but my colleagues felt uneasy writing “Foreskins” multiple times per week, and although I couldn’t relate to their bashfulness, I understood. They also pointed out that it would get old quickly, and they’re probably right. We all loved “Washington Americans” as a real name, like, one Dan Snyder should actually use, but it wasn’t funny enough for universal use. Wouldn’t hit ol’ Dan hard enough in the ribs.

So, we will simply call them whatever we feel like at the time we are writing, no matter if it comes from your excellent suggestions, our own minds, or written on the men’s bathroom stall at your local KFC. Feel free to keep sending them in.

Me? I’ll probably use “Washington Potato Skins” a lot.

  • Guest

    Washington Redtails.

  • guest

    Washington-1, Sports Grid sucks-0

  • guest

    stopped reading at “we”.

  • Guest

    Guess this is the last article I read from SportsGrid too.

  • NotEnjoyingThisSiteAnymore

    Awesome, join all the other lame media outlets who want to improperly document facts. Keep filling the internet up with your stupid ideas. Lets just stop spell checking, giving sources and caring what the world will read in 50 years. The Washington Redskins is the official name of the team, if you want to call them Washington Racist, go ahead but just know you are part of the problem, not the solution.

  • Tired

    Washington kneebraces

  • Thad Viers

    Last time I read this blog you politically correct girly men.

  • Guest

    This is one of the worst sports blogs i visit daily, but i will no longer visit, as you are so self righteous that you refuse to call a NFL team by the team’s name

  • Hail to the Redskin’s

    Anybody checked out the Braves logo lately???? A lot more offensive!

  • Hail to the Redskin’s

    Or the Cleveland Indians?

  • derralh

    fuck you and the redskins

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