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Watch Steelers Safety Ryan Clark’s Dirty Hit On Giants Receiver Victor Cruz

Professional football is a violent game, no doubt. But there is no room in the sport for plays like this.

In the second quarter of today’s game between Pittsburgh and New York, the Giants face a 3rd-and-goal from the two yard line. Eli Manning took the snap, evaded the rush, and threw a bullet intended for receiver Victor Cruz that fell incomplete, forcing a fourth down. Or so it would have, if Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark hadn’t illegally speared him in the end zone for the unnecessary roughness penalty to give New York a first-and-goal.

Both an idiotic and dangerous play for Clark, as it not only gave New York a fresh set of downs, but also put Cruz’s safety as risk, as Cruz lay motionless in the end zone after the hit.

Watch Clark’s hit on an unsuspecting Cruz:

Ryan Clark Hit

Thankfully, Cruz would just be momentarily shaken up with a rib injury and the Giants would score on the next play. Way to go, Clark, you idiot.

And just to show that instant karma will get you, the Giants returned a Ben Roethlisberger fumble for a touchdown on the ensuing Pittsburgh drive.

[The Big Lead]

  • Farty

    Legal hit. Terrible call.

  • Farty

    Giants gifted 14 points in the first half.

  • serious?!?

    legal hit my ass! guess i know who your team is. smh.

  • a

    He was hit *UNDER THE ARM* on his side, not even on his shoulder. If you think that was an illegal hit, you obviously just want to demonize the Steelers and are looking for any excuse to call something a “dirty hit”. Watch the play without prejudice; it is obviously a legal hit.

    Awaiting the official apology from the refs next week. Hopefully they will get fired.

  • Get real

    Dirty hit? Take of your panties and go squat on the potty you whiny bitch.

  • Steelers hater in the house

    Dude, are you serious with this article?? Shit like this makes me not want to come back to this site. You must hate the Steelers, no other way to explain it. Was not a dirty hit. No head to head contact. Ball was intended for Cruz, he got hit. Get real.

  • you suck

    sucks to be this asshole who wrote this article who’s either blind or a totally ignorant giants fan…

  • you suck

    “illegally speared him” did he honestly even watch the tape?

  • bob

    and just to show you how karma works out….the Steelers overcame that and other horrible calls and won the game.

  • VB

    Roger Goodell must have written this article.

  • opie

    clean hit! get real

  • Clean

    clean hit, no helmet to hemlet, not after the play, TERRIBLE CALL. Also as to your fumble….what fumble?

  • Azazel

    There is absolutely nothing dirty about this hit.

    Clean all the way and clearly an incorrect call.

  • You Have Downs Syndrome

    Timeout, your a dumbass. First of all that was a completely legal hit. He never touched is head throughout the hit. Second, it wasnt “unnecessary roughness’ it was a blow to the head call. The game is called football if you were not aware and they hit each other as part of the game. Get your facts right before you decide to write an article about it.

  • obvious

    Hey joe were we watching the same game? TOTALLY LEGAL HIT!!! League cant say anything never led with his head and he hit him under the shoulder. Football is a contact sport if you dont want to get hit heres a thought quit being a whiney little bitch find a different profession. If it was a split second sooner Ike would have picked that ball off anyway you tool

  • Anonymous

    Dirty hit? Are you kidding me? Clark hit him with his shoulder in Cruz’s side! Funny how Cruz bruised ribs on a hit that was penalized as “illegal blow to the head”…The author of this must have been the ref who threw the flag.

  • Lets Be Real…

    Wow you should definately never write another article again about sports or at least do not write one on football because you have no clue what you are talking about. I would love to see how (using the rule book) you could argue a dirty or illegal hit? And have you not seen clarks hit on wes welker? ofcourse cruz was just gonna lay there motionless clark is a freakin beast! Thats just football this aint no two hand touch so grow a pair and quit suckin the sack! Practicly the whole first half of this game was garbage. This play was garbage the pass interference call on lewis was garbage the supposed rushing touch down was super garbage because it was obvious he didnt get in and the supposed fumble by Ben was super super garbage! If it was a fumble he would not have still been pusing the ball forward with his hand and the ball and Ben’s and went forward so it didn’t even make sense. I realize a lot of people feel for new york and whats happening over there so they want them to win but cmon man!

  • http://www.facebook.com/warren.houck.1 Warren Houck

    Its people like you Joe Levine that are ruining football. That hit was 100% clean and Victor Cruz should know what he’s in for if he wants to go over the middle against the Steelers. IF THAT HIT OFFENDS YOU JOE…GO WATCH PANSY ASS SOCCER

  • mke

    another whinny giant fan write this

  • Kurt

    a “joe levine” is the new definintion for pussy troll. Either that or just plain pussy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shawn.carey.90 Shawn Carey

    As a Seahawks fan I am the last person to defend any Steeler but this wasn’t a dirty hit. He hit him after the but was tipped and after that everyone is fair game. If your gonna blame someone, blame Eli for that shitty pass.

  • Wow

    Joe Levine, clearly you know nothing about football. “Dirty” his my @ss. You sir, are a p*ssy if you believe that this was a dirty play. And about the whole “karma” thing. Both calls (Roethlisberger “fumble”) were terrible calls that screwed the Steelers over.

  • kyle

    You say this is an idiotic and dangerous play, correct? I noticed that Eli threw the ball and hit Ike in the numbers. Would that not make Eli the idiot for throwing into such tight coverage?? As for dangerous, once a pass is tipped…..it’s anyone’s game. He was called for a helmet-to-helmet personal foul, which is bologna. That was a terrible and this is an even worse article. Better luck next time

  • CALiiGeDDon

    As much as I hate the Steelers I see no dirty hit and no reason for a flag.

  • Ger

    The only thing wich is dirty on the play is the pers. foul.
    Cmon no blow to the head at all , every day shoulder tackle. Cruz made it look dramatic. Sissy!

  • Steve

    Are you kidding me, dirty play? This play was legal, hell the refs called it as a hit to the head which was further away from being hit than Cruz’s ass. What a horrible article, you sir are no fan of football. Do your self a favor and pick a different sport to write about, golf or figure skating seems more up your alley!

  • Retired Navy Man

    I see up here in your news article that you called Clark and idiot. You got the balls to call him that to his face?…I didn’t think so. He’d take your head off instead. It was a clean hit. Readjust your contacts and check it out…

  • Hallser

    “Spear”ing is with the helmet you idiot not the sholder, and the reason why spearing so dangeous is because the hitter could be peneltalized. Second, it is a clean hit because you are allowed to hit the reciever after the ball has been tipped or deflected. Also, besides it being not neccasary does not mean its dirty nor if Taylor wasn’t there to knock the ball away and his hit causes a incompletion.

  • John Kim

    Hey Joe Levine, you are the ID10T! Ryan played it right and hit was LEGAL! Go back to football school…I think you flunked the Football 101 Fundamental course and you called yourself a “sports writer”?? Hah! LOL…

  • Dave L

    As a Steeler-hater looking for another dirty hit to add to my list, I have to say, this one was not. This author got what he wanted, a bunch of replies.


    This is a textbook definition of a ’2012 rule book’ clean defensive hit. So blatant is its legality, with Clark’s helmet completely behind the back of the receiver and impact point so far South he’s under the receiver’s arm, that the author of this article obviously is trying to funnel readers to his otherwise unpopular little blog. No man that has watched football for even a short amount of time, let alone someone that writes about football, would think this is a penalty. As for the refs, this call and the preposterous call of a fumble on an incomplete pass in which Roethlisberger’s hand moves forward with the ball for an entire yard should tell you that this officiating crew is not incompetent but rather dirty or on the take.

  • http://twitter.com/bretsky72 Bret Walterscheid

    Try watching it in real time, its legal

  • Jwill

    Too bad it was a helmet to helmet penalty, not an unnecessary roughness call. He hit him with his shoulder, clean. That’s his job. Knock the ball out. He expected Cruz to have the ball, so he layed the lumber. Quit crying.

  • beastcoast

    As much as I think Ryan Clark is reckless and violent, I also think he is in an elite class of current NFL defensive players who still play the game as it was meant to be played. I get the ‘defenseless receiver’ argument, but give me a break. Are we supposed to give every receiver rear-view mirrors on their helmets now?

    A football player steps on the field expecting to hit or be hit, if they don’t (eh hem…Tom Brady) they are playing the wrong sport. This was the furthest thing from a dirty hit I’ve seen from Ryan Clark. And that ‘karma’ you spoke of was a very questionable fumble at best.

  • MMandin

    Am i missing something? This looks like a legal hit to me. The ball was thrown to him and the DB was trying to make a play.

  • Gabe

    Hey Joe, you’re an idiot. That’s all.

  • Seriously?

    Last time I ever read a Joe Levine article. The guy can’t pull his head out of his ass to look past his team bias, so i refuse to read any of his garbage.

  • JonnyO32

    Is Joe Levine really a writer and get paid? Remove this hack from this site immediately, this illegal hit stuff is ruining the game and Goodell needs to review with officials now! Do you read palms Joe, might be a better career path saying the Giants returning a fumble for 6 is karma. Guess they needed another illegal legal hit to win the game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sean-Wheeler/586917450 Sean Wheeler

    Get cracked by a 190 pound DB and say that no reason he soulda been hit.

  • phil

    that was a LEGAL HIT followed by your “instant karma” of an INCOMPLETION. It’s great you’re just getting into football, but you should probably hold off on writing critical articles until you really have a good grasp on what’s going on in the game. way to go, Levine, you idiot.

  • msuts

    Legal hit. Good play. Cruz’s entire deal is that you gotta be physical when defending him. If you really think the refs made the right call here then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Scootermeister

    I agree with everyone. JOE IS AN IDIOT. Off with this dumbasses head!

  • Joe’s Momma

    It seems no one likes you. I told you that you would never amount to anything.

  • Polyphemus

    Joe, if you had another eye you’d be a cyclops.

  • Anonymous

    Y’all mad ?_?

  • K. Stewart

    I thought the title to this article was a setup to get you to read . But, cmon Joe eho are you kidding? Perfectly legal hit. You should write about the illegal hit that Rainey took and left him with a rib injury jackass.

  • srdh50

    amen brother!

  • Hartezy59

    Agreed you don’t even have the facts in your article. Terrible reporting you and your editor should get a flag for allowing this on your site! Clean hit and despite the Refs giving the Giants 14 point we still won!

  • Anonymous


    You got 48 responses to this post? That is the most comments, BY FAR, that I have ever seen on a Sports Grid post.

    Mission Accomplished. You have earned another level which has bumped your Trolling Power stat +2. Congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    You must not have seen this one:


    60 comments, baby. Gimme dem troll points.

  • Steeler Fan

    Really??? Fox Sports guy… Learn the rules and definitions. Spearing is leading with the head . Very clear he led with his shoulder since the diaper committee of the NFL do not want competitive football, only scoring football… As an old Steeler Mr. Lambert would say – “Put a dress on this man!”

  • Anonymous

    +1, sir. :-)

  • Terrible Journalism

    Cruz, the intended receiver, got hit below the shoulder, between the whistles and was hit before the ball even hit the ground. Embarrassing call for the NFL but even more embarrassing to be the author of the above article.

  • http://twitter.com/Firewalker_AZ David

    all i gotta say is your right “Karma will get ya” who won the game again… exactly!

  • Annoyed

    Mr Levine, you are clearly unfit to write anything related to football if you can write this article. That was a textbook hit leading with the shoulder pads. There was absolutely no helmet contact on that play whatsoever. You even proved my point by pointing out that Cruze had a RIB injury.

  • Annoyed

    This is why jews shouldn’t write about football. Were you in the marching band Joe?

  • You lost

    You said “illegally speared him”. Spearing is when you use your helmet. The video clearly shows him hitting with his shoulder into the WR shoulder. Your a complete dumb ass and so was the ref. You lost hahahahaha. Cheat that NFL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mlannery Michael Lannery

    Hey Joe you are a pud. Stop writing articles about sports. Obviously you have never played. 1. This is a legal hit. Once the ball has been tipped or touched by the defending team, the wr is fair game. 2. He hit him in the ribs….no helmet to helmet contact. 3. why would they leave Cruz standing behind Taylor. What if the ball bounces up? Cruz is just waiting for it. Should they just hand Cruz the ball on a nice fluffy pillow? They teach us to take the receiver out so he cant make a play on it in this situation.
    You are an idiot of the worst kind. You think you know what you are talking about, write about it, post it, get paid. Did you even watch the video before you posted this? The person that hired you should be slapped and fired.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mlannery Michael Lannery

    Joe if you got the nads to write this shitty article, why dont you man up and reply to us and defend your idiotic take on this call. We are all waiting Joe. Just go ahead and post it on here to all of us. We all have the same opinion of you.

  • Anonymous

    I will reply only if you promise to donate $5 million to the charity of my choice.

  • Mario

    Among the worst “journalism” I have ever seen. You don’t deserve a keyboard, sir. VERY clean hit, and flagged because of who he is. Go home.

  • Giants fan

    After the Browner hit on Jennings in the middle of his route during the replacement game, I’m not sure a Seahawks fan is qualified to judge legal hits from the secondary. I was sitting in the endzone when this hit happened (full disclosure I’m a Giants fan) the call was incorrect. It certainly was not a blow to the head. It was the 2nd time that Ryan Clark had seeked out Cruz and hit him questionably late after a ball had been batted down (the first one was not called). It was pretty clear that Ryan Clark’s plan for stopping Cruz was intent to injure.

  • Paul

    How does this guy have a job? The publisher of this site should be embarrassed!

  • Rhino

    the NFL V.P. of officiating issued an apology, as the hit was clearly a textbook hit, shoulder to chest. If it were illegal, Clark would have been fined or possibly suspended, which he wasn’t. Ed Reed, however, was suspended for a hit this week that WAS helmet to helmet. The problem is that Emmanuel Sanders lowered his head when he saw Reed approaching, so there was no way Ed Reed could have avoided it. It’s a reflex action… you see a 200 Lb. defender coming your way, you react to protect yourself. Ryan Clark is probably the hardest hitter in the NFL right now, and I’ve certainly seen him make some illegal helmet-to-helmet hits. This, however, was NOT one of them. Grow a pair, or maybe you should just start watching European football.

  • Football Fan

    Joe Levine? Odd name for a girl? Honey, it was a legal hit. Perhaps football is too violent for you, although that hit was hardly violent. Go back and play with your dolls and let the big boys talk. Perhaps you can write an article about how to decorate a room, apply make up or something more your speed…..

  • Whaa Whaa!!!

    Dirty hit my behind. Joe Levine is an Idiot. Football is becoming a sissy sport. If that had been Jack Lambert that hit him Cruz would be asking for the liscence plate number of the bus that ran him over. (2 weeks later when he woke up) Screw Goodell for making this game into a pansy sport.

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