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Will The NFL Be Totally Awkward And Take Away Peyton Manning’s Passing Yards Record?

Yesterday the Denver Broncos wrapped up what will go down as one of (if not the greatest) offensive seasons in NFL. The team scored more points than any other in a single NFL season (606), and quarterback Peyton Manning broke both the single season touchdown record (55, easily besting Tom Brady’s 50 from 2007) and the single season passing yards record (5,477).

Except that, upon further review, Manning didn’t actually break the passing yards record, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the NFL did the awkward but factually correct thing and take away seven yards from Manning’s total (he beat the record, held by Drew Brees, by a single yard).

Check out this first quarter “throw” to Eric Decker, which went for a seven yard gain (original video via u/yubanhammer):

This pass was clearly thrown backwards, which makes it a lateral, not a pass, which makes this a rushing attempt, not a pass completion. As many fantasy football players know, the NFL loves going back and changing the designation of an offensive play. This should be a 7 yard run by Decker, and thus Manning actually had 5,470 yards this year.

Is this the “right” thing to do? By the book, yes.

Would the Broncos have kept Manning in a few extra plays to break the record, had they known he was still a few yards short? We’ll never know, but probably.

Does this mean that Manning got screwed out of the record books? Probably.

Will the NFL actually do this, even though it would be really awkward considering we’ve already started celebrating Manning’s achievement? We’ll have to see… but probably. Unless they enjoy milking Manning’s star power and comeback story and celebrity for all that it’s worth, but we haven’t seen much of that kind of thing this season.


  • Gellie


  • trips

    if it was Brady they would take it away, since it was Manning they wont

  • Adam

    yeah trips, Brady gets no love at all……

  • Anonymous

    Oh for crying out loud. They know Peyton could literally have gone out there for one play in the 2nd half and broken it anyway, right?

  • Anonymous

    lol…what? The least penalized team in football? The QB that gets rules changed because of plays he’s involved in? The whiniest on-the-field brat in football?

    Brady gets EVERYTHING he wants. He even had really poor performances yet gets all the credit for 3 Super Bowl rings he had virtually nothing to do with. Especially the first one where he had the Tuck Rule, didn’t play the AFCCG, and was watching from the sidelines as the Patriots defense set up 17 points.

    Brady is the NFL/media golden child.

  • DoctorEvil

    Brady tossed 50 TD passes in 2007….not 2009….bozo!!!!

  • Make Sense

    And since it seems like the odd person to dissect every play like this…….

  • dannyboy

    That’s besides the point…

  • Vincent Taranto

    no the NFL won’t because they are led by a gimp New Yawk yuppie who hates the Saints and the people of New Orleans. Had the record been held by a qb of any other team, the record would have stood and Peyton Manning would be No. 2. But seeing as Goodell-Skinner has twice unsuccessfully sued our vendors over who owns Who Dat and the Fleur-de-Lis, he’ll let Huckleberry Manning slide into the record books.

  • john

    I was surprised that Manning was pulled after ‘beating’ the record by on yard. He could have thrown for another 100 or so in the second half and there’d be no question.

  • jojoguhn

    They have to take the yards away from P; give Decker the rushing yards, brees keeps the record and Indy goes on to Win the SB. yea!.

  • Jason

    They will give it to Peyton even though he was 6 yards short. It wouldn’t be the first time they screwed Brees and the Saints.

  • Matt

    Trips you’re an idiot.

  • Matt

    Sad little life you lead my friend. Get a hobby

  • John Smith

    You’re insane. Brees and Brady are the two divas of the league. You never see Manning complain off or on the field. He is in a respectful league all his own and that is just a fact. Anyone who disputes that needs to get off the two above-mentioned QB’s nuts. They will take the record becauseBrees is already whining. But so what, Manning wants a ring, not records.

  • Adam40

    Anyone doubting the absolute destruction of the game that Goodell brings on every level, does not truly know the NFL. That man is the biggest threat to Americas Game.

  • Charlie Kang

    Are you serious? Brees never complains or even yells… He’s a class act… Brady on the other hand… And as for Manning he was the poor sport who walked off into the locker room before the Super Bowl was over in ’09 and never shook one Saints player hand… Seriously you don’t know Brees. He hasn’t whined about his record being broke once….

  • Brandon Duncan

    Care to give some examples of absolute destruction brought on by Goodell? Or is this just sensationalism posting.

  • Vincent Taranto

    Says the troll with nothing to add and no ability to refute…

  • Vincent Taranto

    Honestly! Todd Marinovich had more class than Tom Brady!

  • david22k

    Someone needs to check facts. There is no such thing as a lateral in football. It’s either a forward or backward pass. Either way it’s a pass. A rush is a hand off. I understand the nfl for statistical purposes only counts forward passes in the records.

  • david22k

    Someone needs to check facts. There is no such thing as a lateral in football. It’s either a forward or backward pass. Either way it’s a pass. A rush is a hand off. I understand the nfl for statistical purposes only counts forward passes in the records.

  • Adam40

    Sunday the Bengals were given a first and ten from the 2 yd line on a third down incompletion because the refs are required to call hits when leading with the helmet; the problem? This is not discernible in real-time. The end result, all heavy contact is a penalty.

    In week 13 the Jaguars where given an extra attempt at a 4th down conversion because a defender hit a defenseless receiver; the problem? The hit dislodged the ball and any different act by the defender would have allowed the receiver to catch the ball(the pass was past the 1st down marker).

    These are two examples that just fly off the top of my head. There are countless others including Goodells arbitrary handling of uncapped-salary-year penalties. Or the horrific treatment of fans and players in a pursuit of the dollar(flex-scheduled games, the addition of Thursday night football with an eye on a nightly game, the push for 18 game seasons, the attempt to add an additional playoff team, etc.)

    So before you run off about how things are just sensationalized you should first make sure you are on the correct side. If you truly have any interest in the NFL as an entity, as a sport, as a show of pure competition, you would know the wretchedness that is Goodell. Or you can continue on trying to discredit others with veiled condescension; only demonstrating how ignorant of the sport you truly are.

  • Brandon Duncan

    Most of the stuff you listed I like.

  • Adam40

    Well I appreciate your unrequested opinion. Unfortunately for you all it does is make woefully apparent your lack of comprehension on Goodell and the degeneration of the game. Hopefully next time you wont think yourself so elevated as to decry a prevailing public opinion as ‘sensationalism’

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