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Wisconsin Church Apologizes For Dropping LeRoy Butler Speaking Gig Due To His Support Of Jason Collins

Our story so far: Former Green Bay Packers strong safety Leroy Butler — who invented the Lambeau Leap, dontcha know — was scheduled to give a talk at a Wisconsin church, agreeing to an $8,500 speaking fee. But on Tuesday the church cancelled the engagement, referencing a tweet Butler had made in support of Jason Collins.

According to Butler (see below), a group of parents complained to church officials when they saw Butler’s tweet in support of Collins, who had come out as gay in a Sports Illustrated piece you may have heard about if you’re not from the planet Mercury. So Butler tweeted that the talk had been cancelled, and why. This caused a bit of controversy, for some reason.

And now the church (still unnamed by Butler) has apologized.

It’s not clear from this, but it appears as if the speech is still off.

Here’ what Butler wrote about the cancellation earlier today:

Support for Butler has been rolling in.

Also, support for the church.

Well isn’t that special?

It’s too bad really, because it looks like this unnamed church is missing out on a great speaker. Butler had health problems as a youngster growing up in Jacksonville, FL, and needed leg braces, and at one time a wheelchair, to get around. He overcame his physical problems to become a member of the Florida High School Association All-Century Team, then going on to play at Florida State. He retired from the NFL in 2002.

  • Ted Tidwell

    If I was a member at that church I would like to know why my tithe was paying $8,500 to have a ex-football player speak to the congregation…to me that is absurd! But good thing you took the high road Leroy. I am sure there is another Church that will be more than happy to let you shake them down, to have you tell them the Gospel of Leroy!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the gospel of Leroy, it’s the Gospel of Jesus. You know: “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “Love your neighbor.” Go back and read your New Testament.

  • NC

    You don’t know who “initiated” the fee…..seems to me THAT is the biggest issue here. Sure that it wasn’t a deacon who wanted to meet the person who invented the Lambeau Leap and dangled $8500 in his face….subject to the fact that he be a jerk? and follow their “judgment” of other people? Those Cheesehead fans are alive and well in churches, also. Seems like you’re blaming the football player versus the person who okayed paying that money…..hmmm
    Maybe you should look at the message that he was going to present! Bullying, etc…..seems to me tha this church might want to study up on some Bible scripture itself….the ones that read “Thou Shalt Not Judge” = Those without sin cast the first stone” All sins are equal in my eyes, etc., etc., etc/
    Funny how nobody seems to want to quote those scriptures but have no problem condemning people on others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Blowder/1569064314 Joe Blowder

    Why don’t you stop harassing Christians, Chandler, you threatening Leftist scum?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Johnson/100000190455903 Rick Johnson

    Maybe you should go back and read it IN CONTEXT instead of just taking certain verses out of context to make it seem they say what they do not. “Judge not lest ye be judge” is not saying do not judge, it says that which ever measurement that you judge others you will also be judge by those measurement. The Bible teaches to denounce sin when you see it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rick-Johnson/100000190455903 Rick Johnson

    Once again so quick to take scripture OUT OF CONTEXT. to fit an agenda. You seem to forget that after Jesus said HE who is without sin cast the first stone. He also told the woman GO AND SIN NO MORE. He was telling them to not condemn those who have repented their sins and made the decision to live with Christ. But he also told her that she must not return to her former life of sin.

  • FunnyOne

    They don’t want their name to be known?,,,,how about Church of Cowards?

  • Blud Baut

    Thanks for being a faithful witness. It’s pretty much a thankless job. Everyone wants to support perverts… until they molest their children.

  • John L.

    The man is a professional and motivational speaker and the church knew that when it signed a contract with Leroy Butler. If they were unprepared to pay for a professional speaker, then they should not have contracted one. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton received millions for speaking in public. Would you criticize them as well? You can bet your last dollar that Obama will do the exact same, to become a millionaire or billionaire.

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