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Are You F#$@ing Kidding Us, LeBron?

LeBron James is a troll magnet of unprecedented force. I don’t want to do this (You were great this season! You won an NBA Championship! You deserved it!), but why must you do this?

To be fair: the Columbus Blue Jackets weren’t around when LeBron was born. Chicago is like six hours away from Akron. It is somewhat conceivable that he’s liked the Blackhawks for some, or much of his life. I assume he’s not a big hockey fan. Why he doesn’t root for the successful and close-to-home Pittsburgh Penguins, I have no explanation for. But there could be a legitimate reason.

Still… why do you make it so hard to like you? You are so talented, yet so clueless. You did hop on the bandwagon back in March, though, jinxing their NHL-record winning streak (they lost right after the Tweet!) and then never Tweeting/Instagramming about them until they won the Stanley Cup!

Perhaps I was onto something with the post: “Chicago Blackhawks fans are as bad as Miami Heat fans.”

There will be no more LeBron trolling, until he chooses from his selection of custom Djokovic/Federer/MurrayNadal polos after Wimbledon.

  • Mike Thigpen

    Matt Rudnitsky maybe it was a Gift (which it looks that way with his name on the Back), or maybe he’s friends with a member of the Team… The Are you F”N Serious should be at you for the waste of time on a Non-Story Article.

    It’s not always hoping on a Bandwagon if your giving props to a Team for a Win/Streak. I’m a Red Wings fan and Posted Several Pictures of the BlackHawks game last night from the Victory to give Props to the Team and my Friends for their Team winning. ANd as far as the record he gave the Team Props for that as well, him being a Sports fan and acknowledging the Great accomplishment for the winning streak didn’t jinx anything (The Heat Streak and BlackHawks Streaks were during the same time period).

  • Justin

    LeBron and Patrick Kane have had a love fest since the Hawks 24-game point streak to open the season coincided with the Heat’s 27-game winning streak. It’s nothing more than that.

  • Anonymous

    Not a bad take, Mike.

  • anon

    so much LeBron hate on this site… the guy can’t congratulate the champs without having to explain himself and his motives? So if Tom Brady or David Ortiz also send tweets to congratulate the Blackhawks, are they also bandwagon? How about mutual respect across sports? It does exist you know…

  • HawksNumber1

    Someone’s a butthurt Jackets fan. Stay mad.

  • HawksNumber1

    Don’t know why though, the Jackets suck and any rivalry you guys think you have with the Hawks is just you trying to make yourselves feel more important. You’re not, you’re irrelevant. Sorry not sorry.

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