Just The Edmonton Oilers Using The Mighty Ducks’ Flying V To Generate A Scoring Chance

  • Dylan Murphy

On Tuesday night, The Edmonton Oilers lost 6-3 to the San Jose Sharks. Early in the first period, as the game was already beginning to slip away, Edmonton recovered the puck behind its own net and began a breakout. Whether or not it was by design, it’s hard to tell – but there’s something extremely familiar about this formation…

Like, really familiar…

Why yes! It is in fact the famed “Flying V” championed by America’s favorite Mighty Ducks. Too bad the Oilers didn’t actually score a goal, and we wish they hadn’t abandoned the formation so quickly. Still, defenseman Justin Schultz nearly found Ryan Smyth driving to the net for a tap-in goal, and so we can credit the Flying V for creating a scoring chance. Which, all in all, is still quite nifty.

[SB Nation]

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