You Will Not See This At The Masters: Patrick Kane Donkey Kicks Jonathan Ericsson In The Balls With His Skate

  • Jake O'Donnell

There are three types of crotch shots. The “it looked like I just got hit in the balls but it missed, so I’ll just kind of roll around for a bit so that people don’t start to think I’m a eunuch.” The “that actually got me in the balls and I am rolling around in pain because I may now actually be a eunuch.” And, finally, the “cup check” (not the Laker’s GM.)

Jonathan Ericsson undoubtedly felt the impact of Patrick Kane’s skate, but clearly, hockey gear takes the testicles into consideration — what with skates and pucks and sticks flying around, they’re a top priority. And although the skate looks like it could have come up, almost from behind, Ericsson can be seen smiling a few moments afterwards. A good sign, because as those of you who have testicles can attest, the next 15 seconds are typically ground zero for latent ball pain.

Sportsgrid PSA: This is a good opportunity to talk about the importance of protective gear. With it, your mobility is slightly limited. Without it, you balls can be chopped off.

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