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Video Of Scantily-Clad Paulina Gretzky Threatens To Break Internet

For weeks we’ve speculated that Paulina Gretzky—well known Instagram enthusiast—has been diabolically using the Internet to drive her father, Wayne Gretzky, to insanity.

There really wasn’t all too much proof, to support our theory… until now! In a recent photo shoot with Complex, while PG18 didn’t bare all, she came pretty damn close, and close enough to spot a 99 tattoo in her pelvic region.

Keep in mind, her daddy wore number 99. Some may call it a tribute to Wayne by his daughter. Others may call it PG18 being PG18. But we know this is just Paulina Gretzky trying to drive her dad to clinical insanity. And she might have just done it this time!

PG18 also did an interview with Complex in addition to the photo shoot. Topics ranged from being the Great One’s daughter, to her music career. Here’s an excerpt:

As the daughter of “The Great One,” do you feel like you live in his shadow?

By no means. My dad’s accomplishments are completely different than everything I’ve done with my life and the career path I want to take. What he’s done has only been inspirational for me.

Translation: “Ugh, my dad is such an attention whore. So yeah, I’m basically going to pull this whole Instagram, Internet stunt until he goes bat-shit crazy. Then I’ll be the most powerful Gretzky.”

Here’s a video of PG18 answering some questions for Complex, while also posing and doing other attractive things.

The slightly NSFW video, here.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t last pass 30 seconds of that boring interview.

  • MikeWon

    Okay but remain loyal to Patsy Kensit & the internet has always been broken!

  • http://hoverspot.com/blog.php?userId=989817 Mike Won

     as the peekture fails to display

  • Apollo8


  • Wilburbonzo

    Paris Hilton watch out!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am very sorry for Wayne Gretzky and the rest of the family.  What the family needs to do is,  cut Paulina  and let her go.  She will never stop hurting and disgracing,  her parents and her siblings. 

    Paulina hasn’t a nano-bit of consideration, for her family what-so-ever.  Paulina certainly has no class.  As I say, I am very sorry for Paulina’s family. They don’t deserve her.

  • Paladin

    If she was my daughter I’d be proud of her

  • Anonymous

    YUMMY :)

  • gMan

    gutter slut

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RODY73YT4FCKULRRYC2ZBICYBA mdbOTIS

    Poor Poppa, she is a beautiful wealthy skank.

  • Priyabansal11

    Thing is, she Would be pretty, but what she’s wearing really doesn’t look good on her (unless you’re a guy who just wants to get some.)

  • yroJ

    Hey Blondie, the brunnette your with is hotter.

  • marc

    Her face is trash and she has no hips or azz. Plus, the brunette she’s with in the bikini photo is much sexier . If she weren’t a Gret…she’d just be another decent looking hoe begging for attention and not getting any

  • Anonymous

    Come’on, Sports Grid, give us a break! She’s a dime a dozen, at best. It’s obvious that she is trading on the family name, as are you.

    New Flash! There are kazillions of “Video Of Scantily-Clad _____” on the internet. Am I supposed to be turned on more because her name is Gretzky?

  • Me

    I agree that she is not nearly as hot as she thinks she is. She certainly has the right to live her life, as she says. But when I hear her talk I just cringe at the thought of yet another spoiled rich kid who has always gotten what she wants and never really had to work like the rest of us.

  • Ben

    some really uptight prejudicial comments as usual but the photos are artful in a lot of ways…whether that was intentional or not who knows but there’s a sweetness to them that’s interesting.

  • That Dude

    Space Cadet w NO Rocket Fuel…and Yup, the Brunette is Better Looking.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shaktipatseer James Portocarrero

    Oh poor girl she has to drive everywhere.. wahhh…

  • kkool23

    that’s not a “99″ tattoo, it’s the design on her panties. you can see the outline in the photo.

  • LVMayor

    Sadly, those cherries she’s popping in the video are the only cherries left to be popped on her.

  • JVR

    I was just about to point that out

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