The Boston Bruins Had Quite The Boozy Stanley Cup Victory Party

  • Dan Fogarty

It’s been a good month for Hangover-style world title celebrations. First, we saw Dirk Nowtizki, his hipster eyewear, and the Dallas Mavericks party quite memorably at Club LIV the night they won the NBA title.

Now, as the Boston Bruins bask in the afterglow of their Stanley Cup in 39 years, photos of their celebratory blowout are starting to hit the internet. And they feature plenty of Stanley Cup toutin’, club girl finaglin’, underage boozin’ action. Oh, and a $156,000 bar tab.

The undeniable star of this show? Tyler Seguin, the Bruins’ 19-year-old center, who is from Canada, where the drinking age is 19, and who likes to not wear a shirt when he uses the Stanley Cup as a means to get laid. Here are a few of the photos from Busted Coverage’s collection.