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Tim Thomas Takes To His Facebook Page To Say Controversial Things Again

You know Bruins goalie Tim Thomas is taking this coming season off “to reconnect with… friends, family and faith.” Apparently, he’s also taking the time to work on refining his “polarizing Facebook post” skills. Thomas, of course, has some experience in this area, dating back to his explanation of why he didn’t visit the White House with the rest of the Bruins earlier this year, and now he’s done it again by… supporting a popular fast food chain.

That doesn’t sound controversial on its face, but that fast food chain is Chick-Fil-A, which has been embroiled in controversy of late, thanks to its anti-gay-marriage stance. (The company’s politics have been nothing new, but they’ve never been under scrutiny this harsh.) And while Boston’s mayor doesn’t welcome the restaurant’s stance, Boston’s goalie is a different story:

I stand with Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A is privately owned by the Cathy family. The company president, Dan Cathy, drew the wrath of gay rights advocates and supporters when he made recent statements that some have alleged are anti-gay.

Cathy told Baptist Press that the company was unapologetically in favor of traditional marriage.

“Guilty as charged,” he said. “We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.”

In a separate interview on the Ken Coleman Show — Cathy suggested that the nation could face God’s wrath over the redefinition of marriage.

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,’” Cathy said. “I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is all about.”

Well, it seems like when someone says we’re “inviting God’s judgment” by suggesting same-sex marriage might be an okay thing, that’s a little more than an alleged anti-gay statement. Thomas is right that Chick-Fil-A is a private company, of course, and supporting their right to say what they’ve said is consistent with what we know Thomas’ beliefs to be.

Then again, actively standing with them suggests a little more than supporting their right to say what they’re saying (we’ll leave it to you to decide whether supporting anti-gay statements is at odds with being an advocate for “the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People,” as Thomas professed to be in his White House statement).

Either way, we can’t say any of this is a shock. Thomas is clearly on the conservative side. Conservatives tend to be more likely to oppose gay marriage (check out the politicians who are most loudly supporting Chick-Fil-A). Thomas, again, can say whatever he wants, and maybe he doesn’t have to worry as much about this since he’s on an NHL sabbatical, but he does risk alienating more and more of his fans with every Facebook statement like this. He’s exercised his right. Now they’ll exercise theirs. All over a chicken purveyor. Gotta love the summer news cycle.

[h/t CJ]

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  • Tyrell Turner

    Who cares he can say whatever the heck he wants I stand with him and I agree with Chik-fil-A

  • Thatblackcard

    Just another example of the harm that religion and belief has it makes it ok for discrimination and bigotry. 

  • murphy collins

     and you sir should be sanitized

  • Ilovechickfila

    Its his right to have his own opinion even though I might not agree with him

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LXM5RYMQIZR54OLOSRSJP6AY6E Lily

    Who cares? As a Bruins fan I lost all respect for this guy
    once he put himself over his fans and his teammates with his little White House stunt. I’m more than ready for Rask to
    take over

  • HonestBroker

    There is no gods guys. Religion is just a reason to dehumanize other people, your precious bible also says that you shouldn’t cut your hair certain ways or inevitably face the wrath of god. Yea, seems legit to me.

  • Aaron Allen

    It’s not like Chick-Fil-A is not allowing gay people to purchase their product, I don’t see what’s the big deal that their owner has an opinion and doesn’t change it to make a buck like some companies

  • Doreen Beisel

    Those who disagree with the owners opinion can eat someplace else

  • Doreen Beisel

    Great tolerance Murph

  • Doreen Beisel

    I see such a disconnect with the real world on these comments boards. Is the concept of if you dont want to eat there drive by and go someplace else beyond some your intellect. This is not Rocket Science

  • Nikki Gray

    Another dunce and his opinion.   Hes not discriminating against anyone by stating huis opinion.  You do realize gay marriage is legal in only a few states dont you so hows he discriminating against anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I doubt there are too many DVRs out there set to record both hockey games and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. 

  • Mark

    Well, what’s nice is that Thomas is an extremely well informed and studious biblical scholar.  He definitely knows what he’s talking about, and should therefore use his influence and celebrity to conscientiously advocate for positions he’s qualified to defend.

    Just like internet commenters!

  • Anonymous

    Typical liberal …. a brain that’s filled with nothing but “Full rights for ME, not for THEE …”

    I understand why you’re peeved, though …. since your “One” is about to get tossed out on his keister in a few months!

  • Anonymous

    Can you explain the meaning of the word “hypocrite” to me, TBC? Because it’s people like you and Obama who are, on one hand, taking away individual conscience rights from religious people, and then calling those same people “bigots” when they profess beliefs that you disagree with!

    Let me clue you in on something: this is America, pal. We’re all about the 1st Amendment here. If that’s uncomfortable or intolerable for you – leave. Go and find a place where you feel better about your own bigoted actions and reactions.

    Here in America, we’re going to continue to discuss, occasionally disagree …. but ALWAYS support the FULL rights of those we disagree with. You might remember that the next time you open your mouth (or tap your keyboard)

    The 1st Amendment – look it up, learn it, and live it.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t accept the fact that, despite flawed polling by the lamestream media and its’ friends in the White House, most Americans have consistently opposed same-sex marriage at the voting booth – it’s an inconvenient FACT, but a FACT nonetheless.

    Instead of attacking people who disagree with him, his energy would be best put to use trying to persuade voters of he and his cronies’ position – that has been, so far, voted down time and again.

    Chick Fil-la’s sandwiches are great-tasting, but they’re not THAT good!

    Wait …. could it be that, Americans simply DON’T WANT THE INSTITUTION OF MARRIAGE ALTERED OR DONE AWAY WITH IN THIS COUNTRY? Hmmmmmm….. chicken food for thought, no?

  • Anonymous

    You have your opinions and beliefs – we have ours. The Founders built a country and system of government that should allow both of us to co-exist … AS LONG AS WE RESPECT EACH OTHERS’ BELIEFS BASED ON THE 1ST AMENDMENT.

    Normally, we religious types don’t get into arguments and disputes; the owner of this company would rather not deal with all this, and just be a regular businessman.

    But be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR about this – Christians in America WILL NOT STAND BY AND WATCH YOU TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS! We’ll take you to court, we’ll vote you down, and we’ll convince people we’re right in this regard. If you think you’re going to steamroller us, forget it.

    This isn’t going to turn into some pseudo-Stalinist country where religion is forcibly removed from the society.

    No way. Not going to happen.

  • Anonymous

    You mean, be free-market Americans???? What an incredibly unique and distinct concept! Why didn’t WE think of this before?!?!?

    But, wait …. we (or, more specifically, the Founders) DID!

    Religion-haters, gay marriage supporters, statists, Marxists, you’re on the wrong side of the fence.

    Study the Founders. Learn (or re-learn) what it truly means to be an American.

    Stop hating religious people … you’ll lose.

  • Jimbo5

    Twenty years from now we will look back at homophobia as being as ignorant as racism or miscegenation (or believing that the sun revolves around the earth, for that matter).

    That is all.

  • Bmack

    First I could care less what people do with their lives its their choice and anyone can do what they want within the law or say their opion on anything in America bc its their right. So why do some liberals bash others for having a different opion. Seems like the writer  and others were being critical of his opinion that his faith influences his opinion which he doesnt agree with men on men or women on women bc its against the bible. I dont agree with everything the bible says or have a organized religious faith but the man can say whatever he wants its his right. Gays and lesbians are fighting for their rights and ok they can do that but what their supporters want to attack others for expressing their rights? That seems against what they preach as if its ok if you support what we believe but if you say your view which happens on this to be the view of everyone that actually follows the bible to the letter than you will be made a bad guy?

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