A Minnesota High School Soccer Game Broke Out Into A Brawl

  • Dylan Murphy

A Minnesota high school soccer match between Totino-Grace and Prairie Seeds Academy ended in a massive brawl when two players got in a shoving-punching match as the game came to a close. Eventually both teams stormed onto the field and a brawl broke out, the result of pent-up frustration boiling over after a chippy match.

Prairie Seeds won the match 2-1 and will advance to the state tournament, but police are now investigating the incident due to reports of an injured player (a Totino-Grace player did receive stitches).

Notice the Totino-Grace coach, who tries to break up the fight, getting punched in the head and the violent kick and FLEE THE SCENE move by the same Prairie Seeds goalie who punched the opposing coach. The news station recounting the incident conveniently highlights everything you need to see, so we’ll leave the rest of the play-by-play to them.

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