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Fans Bring Tons Of Gnarly Weapons To The Copa Italia, Boo PSY Off Stage (VIDEO)

Believe or not, the guys who bring homemade Byzantine weaponry to a soccer match also don’t like K Pop. Go figure. Here’s another takeaway: you can’t bring homemade Byzantine weaponry into a soccer stadium. Your mind blown yet?

Check out the cache of broomsticks-with-knives-adhered-to-them Policia confiscated. Stay classy, Rome. In defense of Italian soccer culture, this was the first ever Rome derby played as a League Final, and some guy at a bar once told me Lazio supporters are “openly racist”, or at least their organized criminal division is.

Once again, not a surprise the paramilitary faction of “Nazio” booed Gangnam Style, however, we will admit it’s still the most annoying song in world and should go to bed now. Very annoying. Not as annoying as murderous racists masquerading as sports fans, but annoying nonetheless.

Lazio ended up beating Roma 1-0 for their sixth Italian title. (Cut to 3:20 and spare yourself having to hear that song another damn time.)

Photo via Dirty Tackle

  • LeoTheAkuma

    Fuck you.We are not rasist or Nazis,just we have some pricks just like in any other club.

  • Californian

    Sportsgrid has no credibility so don’t listen to their gossip about a country. This isn’t news this is artificial controversy to get page traffic.

  • that’s right

    Dumb fuck americans. You’re absolutely clueless about anything outside your living room. Stick to footbaw and buffets, assholes.

  • Italy Sucks

    What a bunch of Italian racists.

  • leon2013

    I think this has to do with people remembering the Korea-Italy game at the 2002 Fifa World Cup were the referee (as it happened during outer games played by the Korean squad) made a few doubtful calls ending with Totti being sent-off instead of being awarded a penalty. Nothing to do with racism.

  • les

    That Gangnam guy is anoying asi hell.

  • Anonymous

    He is Korean not an American! Don’t worry we hate him too !!!

  • Anonymous

    Everybody hates Psy, I would do the same thing too:)
    Here it is….


  • Francisco

    ANY artist deserves respect. People like or dislike them. But they all deserve respect. This kind of behavior is a shame.

  • conrad

    Stupid Italian hooligan. this is the Italian level of soccer. the world fucking region, Italia.

  • conrad

    Do not worry, people hate you! MaryPliante

  • conrad

    Yes, you are right.

    Italian is the world Sucks racist.

  • omgwatabitch

    Shut the fuck up doormat.

  • Anonymous

    Italians and all white people are racists. It’s in their DNA. Especially that racist bitch MaryPliante

  • Felix Tejeda

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  • HelpPoorItalians

    Please God help these racist Italians.

  • Psyuck

    South Korean often insult other country at international sports competition, but when they reverse situation, they shout “racial discrimination!” “racial discrimination!”.
    I wonder why? I can’t understand.

  • psysucksthough

    isn’t it more alarming that fans actually came in to the stadium with weapons? what they did booing PSY off the stage was not racist. BUT WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT ALARMED THAT PEOPLE BROUGHT IN HOMEMADE WEAPONS TO A FOOTBALL GAME???

  • ANT

    I think you did not understand. In Rome there are 2 teams the A.S.Roma and S.S. Lazio, both fans have the right, but they are not racist or Nazi. Especially the fans of Lazio are passionate about British music (punk, rock, etc..). In fact, the Lazio fans, were more likely not to come any song sung and put the Oasis Morning Glory before the match. The FIGC, just to take money, he called this Korean person who makes music not listenable. All the spectators knew after a long time he had to sing Psy. Then the boos were not for racism or KOREA2002, but they were not accepted because the behavior of the figc and because they did not like the music of Psy. As if one goes to a show and find a different show, I would have blown the whistle. In addition, Psy has nothing to do with the context of that game, of that city, that day or the people present. :D

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