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FIFA 14 Is Basically A Slowed Down Version Of FIFA 13

In case you don’t have the demo and you’re on the fence about buying it: Hold up. The new FIFA is kinda the same as the old FIFA. Don’t let the year on the end fool you. They’re waiting for the next gen console and haven’t invested all that much in this XBOX 360/PS3 version. The best part of it is that they’ve updated the rosters, seeing as FIFA 13 is still operating on the premise that Clint Dempsey is in England with Gareth Bale, and Mesut Ozil isn’t. But you already knew that…

That being said, it’s still just as much fun. Here are the ever so slight differences I’ve noticed.

The new FIFA places a great deal of importance on ball control, which is interesting for a second. The left trigger has gone from a finesse button, to more of a control/possession button. Holding down makes your player shield the ball. That’s an improvement from last years, because the only time they’d seem to be protective of the rock, was when you weren’t touching the controller, and the players were on auto-pilot (sometimes it’s harder to steal from someone who isn’t moving with the ball, strangely enough).

The only downside to this, is that it can be awfully hard to steal the ball.

The most talked about addition to the game was the physics engine, which makes player collisions more realistic. That is to say, if you bump someone’s shoulder, they REALLY absorb the impact and are jostled accordingly. The problem with this, is that I’ve noticed players sometimes just drop to the ground with no penalty called. It’s as if they’re selling the foul. Cool for a second, but it becomes annoying the longer you’re at it.

The most glaring flaw, if I have to pick one (it’s still really fun), is the speed of the game. I’ve already pulled out a chunk of my own hair in anger because I pressed the shoot button and the player waited a full two seconds to strike the ball, during which time the window for shooting had closed. To counteract this, they’ve made the ball physics smarter, as I’ve already noticed a dramatic increase in deflection goals (so that when you inevitably blast one into a defender, you still have a chance of scoring a goal). In 2013, players could get drilled in the head and not budge. This version accounts for said impact, and the trajectory of the ball adjusts more realistically.

The game’s AI is a mixed bag of human and non-human traits — if indeed that was the goal developer EA Sports was seeking. Once again, players do not react to loose balls like ravenous dogs, which is how you’d expect them to. Often times, you’re left with a couple of guys just hanging out around an open goal with the ball rolling into space, just asking to be one-timed. Alas, they don’t seem to care.

On the other hand, they run into space and demand the ball quite frequently, which is helpful. Problem being, your teammates are often offsides, out of position, or both. Again, passing the ball to them is hindered by the games slower reaction times, so the frequency of ill-timed through balls leading to offsides penalties may actually just be something you have to get used to (duh).

They also have a practice mode that allows you to see where you joystick is pointed when you pass. A relatively small addition, but it’s definitely interesting to see that, yes, in fact, you did aim your pass at THAT guy (despite your cries that it was meant for the more open player). It seems to be part of a subtle steering of the franchise toward a more tactical build-up approach, and not the more technical skill emphasis of Pro Evolution Soccer.

BEST ADDITION: Dipping shots, improved ball movement through the air.
WORST OMISSION: Gameplay speed.

  • martin

    this fifa is amazing,they have introduced ball shielding, first touch, shots are more realistic, you play with a partner online in seasons, the marking is alot better and the runs players make is much better including new scouting system in career mode plus probally a few other things ive missed out lol

  • Ben

    It doesn’t seem like you played much of Fifa 13…The gameplay is TONS different. Your players don’t make perfect touches every single time and there is a lot more battling for loose possession because it is that much harder to move the ball around when the ball isn’t glued to your feet anymore. Also the defense is smarter and you can’t just abuse pace and sprint past everybody anymore. This game is WAY different than the last one.

  • lexkk10

    Fifa 14 suck…I feel like who ever made the game adjustments fucking dont know shit…they fucked fifa…fifa14 sucks!!!! Passing sucks..dribling sucks..control sucks..against someone who know the basic of defending…the only way to attack is by sending air balls…passing will never create good chances…clearly that they dont want good players to posess the ball…like every big federation in europe except spain is against barca playing style…haters..halamadrid

  • lexkk10

    Yes the ball isnt glued to your feet anymore….but this is a video game and you will never control the ball like you do in reality in the game…in reality you feel the ball..here you dont..so in fact…you need the avatar to have ball control for those who like to play possession..here you cant turn at your true speed. You have to adapt to the stupid computer speed…good for bad players…fifa14..bad for good players because bad Players dont play possession…and they dont care about ball control.

  • lexkk10

    And another issue is that when you go to the practice arena, players have better control there than when playing a game so you cant really practice..

  • misc

    Please stop spreading lies and deceiving the audience. FIFA 2014 is a joke just as much as FIFA 2013 was a joke. FIFA has been a joke of a game since 1993 and EA Sports are the worst deceiving company ever for their audience and customers. There was never any football game close 1% to real football more than PES 2005. FIFA 2014 and any other FIFA does not have any bit of intelligence or football logic or tactics. I bought 2013 and regretted it from day 1 and I bought this crap 2014 and I regret it from day 1. Online play is full of cheese and illogical kids football

  • florezfz

    FIFA14 is really bad i wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. First of The game is toooooooo sluggish and slow You try to build up a play but the defending is so overpowered. The over head balls are so ridiculous its not even funny and the ref I feel like just punching him. Over all they messed the game up fifa from 10-13 was just fine they tone things up and its a mess I wish they at least fix the ref he never calls a foul it seems……

  • jackbhoy88

    I`ve played all the fifa titles on ps3 and enjoyed them all, but fifa 14 is an abysmal game, I`ve lost count of the number of times I switched it off in a rage as it is so unplayable, defending/tackling is awful, passing is almost as bad, the AI decides when it will score and you can do nothing to prevent it, AI defenders can catch up with a player through on goal even though their pace attribute is sometimes 10 – 15 less than the striker, shooting is a joke especially the finesse shot, top rated players cant control the ball, the list of faults on this game are endless and I`ve given up on it, how EA could release such a bug ridden game is beyond me – RANT over :)

  • jackbhoy88

    Did I mention the dozen times a game you get called offside yet the AI hardly does, or the poor refereeing, or the constant singing while playing at the Nou Camp of “champions league, your having a laugh” ( in English I might add) or the constant disruption to game play for free kicks to the opposition, iv lost count of the amount of times iv had to check the replay to see where the `foul` was. the worst £40 I have ever spent, I would not recommend this title to anyone, That’s something I never thought I`d say before launch


  • Smee

    Can’t even play the shit cause it keeps crashing,and seems impossible to get a response from the robbing fuckers

  • the game

    I don’t mind loosing or wining at all kose it is just a video game to having fun. however I please the company to stop joking around with us. nothing can’t be perfect I know but it wouldn’t mean nothing if players are not even able to make a penalty kick. u aim ur stick to the right or left, boom! ur ball is out of target. So what a crap. the fifa 12-13-14 are pieces of shit. I liked very much the 09 kose the penalty was cool and the ball follow the trajectory you chose. I am very disappointed when I think that I can’t get my refund. that was a big mistake.

  • scolack123

    you do realize that the only time your penalty shot will go away from the goal is if you hold the aim stick too long… you only hold it the direction you want for some time. The ‘target’ you are going to shoot at starts in the middle when you hit the shot button. as he runs up you aim left or right, up or down and the target will move, if you hold it too long it will shoot off with increased speed outside if the goal. holding the shot button too long building up too much power will also make the target accuracy size bigger making it easier to hit posts when aiming for corners.

  • Dec25

    Sickened to the core with fifa 14 , online … It’s 12 minutes if through balls and over the top through balls … And clear chance after clear chance after clear chance! Maybe 1 in 10 your Defender intercepts ! Fifa 13 was fun and extremely playable, you could dummy players etc! I no longer can play online because of the constant through ball game!

  • Anthony Porto

    It’s understandable EA paying people to speak well about fifa 14, because you don’t want to hear honest opinion from people who actually play the game. Fifa 14 is not bad, it’s awful, still terribly scripted with EA still controlling the game. It also ignored buttons you push like for trapping the ball, yet defenders can trap shots. Player intelligence is awful, every year getting worse and more obvious with scripting can’t wait for another gaming company to get licenses for all the teams..

  • Anthony Porto

    You either got paid to say that or you are brand new to fifa..

  • Kevin

    Worst fifa I have EVER played and I’m a HUGE FIFA fan. I shouldve stayed with 13

  • Anonymous

    There is no one touch what so ever. The passing is absolutley dismal. The ball control in this game is non existent. What are you smoking?

  • Anonymous

    I have played this game on ps4 and I thought it was amazing. Got it for my ps3 because I am hesitant on buying the ps4 so soon because it might have bugs in the first year out.

    fifa 2014 for PS3 is SHIT. It is so frustrating when you got the ball with Luis Suarez and he can’t even control the ball, its fine if the ball doesn’t stick to your feet, but where is the control when your using the analog to move the ball, there is no control whatsoever.

    There is no first touch football either, a player can’t even accelerate with the ball when receiving it no matter how fast he is in real life, making this game even more slower.

    This game is absolute shit and I have gone back to fifa 2013. The only good thing about this game is that there is alot of variety and uniqueness in what kind of body frame a player has. Other than that its a major disappointment and a complete waste of 60 dollars. Is there an apology from EA sports for how shit their product is. No. It is clear they made the ps3 game with as much shortcuts as possible.

  • pissed off

    EA sports should be ashamed of themselves. piece of shit robbers. how can u look anyone in their faces and say this is a good game. the fkn game has no football logic. defenders only react after an opposing player touches the ball. its ridiculous that these fucks can lob a ball and a defender just gets outran from 20 yards. never seen that in my life. but back to the piece of shit which you guys are, people need a fucking refund you thieves.

  • heavykiller001

    you,sir are an ignorant fat deepshit who doesnt know anything about videogames

  • azazel

    this fifa is crap. unpredicted.. you don’t play. AI decides all. will you win or no. 10% your skill 90% luck or whatever. & it doesn’t make sense which team you have.

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