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Gareth Bale Has Already Made More In Less Than A Day Than Some People Make All Year

gareth baleWorld soccer powerhouse Real Madrid completed a “transfer” (that’s like a trade, but between leagues) with Tottenham Hotspur yesterday for forward Gareth Bale, paying 100 million Euros to Tottenham* for the 24-year-old Welshman. That’s more than Real paid for Ronaldo a few years ago. Basically, Gareth Bale is a rich man.

How rich is he? There’s a website now called “What Bale Earns,” which features a running counter of how much Bale has earned, up to the second, with his Real Madrid contract (£86 million over six years). The highlights so far:

-In 10 seconds of work, he can buy lunch at Subway.
-In the four hours since the signing became official, Bale already earned 47 weeks of minimum wage in England.
-Just 36 minutes later, he could pay for a year of university tuition.

Check back to the site as Bale’s worth grows, and be sure to watch La Liga this year to see two of the best players in the world try to wrest control of the league from Barcelona and Lionel Messi.

*Updated to reflect confusing wording. We did not mean to imply that Bale gets the transfer fee.


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  • Mark

    He doesn’t get the transfer fee.

  • Tiago Cortez

    Ouch!! So wrong! I love reading about US sports and I love that you guys take atention to European sports but please be sure of what you write! Transfer it’s not like a trade. Gareth Bale does not get any money from that 100 million. That money goes to Totenham, his former club (don’t get me wrong, he will get filty rich, because he will get a superstar contract with Real Madrid)

  • Eric Goldschein

    I updated the article to change the wording, but I never said that Bale receives the transfer fee. The rest of the figures come from “What Bale Earns.” Thanks for reading, we appreciate our European readers.

  • Ronan

    Ronaldo’s transfer fee was £80 million, not €80 million. That was around €93million, meaning that the difference between Bale and Ronaldo’s fees is €7 million not €20 million

  • Joseph

    * “Football powerhouse”. There’s no such thing as soccer.

  • CTID

    A transfer isn’t like a trade. Its more like buying something at a supermarket, Tottenham don’t get any players in return. And transfers also take place within leagues, its not like two Premier League clubs can’t make transfers with one another.

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