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Neymar Shaves His Legs, But He’s Not A Metrosexual

Neymar Metrosexual

Yeah, Neymar (Brazilian superstar soccer-er now of Barcelona, for the uninitiated Americans), you’re totally not metrosexual.

Neymar has taken a cheeky swipe at David Beckham by claiming that while he may like to take care of his appearance, the former England captain was in a whole different league.

‘Yes, it is true that I like to go out and buy new clothes, nice perfumes and hair products. I also shave my legs for example,’ Neymar told Surface.
‘I do not see myself as a metrosexual, though. That was more something for Beckham, who was more stylish. I might be a bit pretentious, but I don’t see that as a problem.’

(Note: It’s probably somewhat less weird to do this in Brazil. But still. You’re very good at soccer, and you’re a metrosexual. End of story.)

[Daily Mail]

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  • bahia92

    This dude shaves his legs and straightens his hair. His hair is naturally kinky. Google teenage Neymar. He used to look like a black kid now he looks like an asian girl.

  • Johnny Canucklehead

    I just hope he fails so badly. Cannot stand Neymar. Overhyped. He also looks as fragile as glass for European football.

  • Jessica Dos Santos

    hater’s gonna hate STUPID COCKSUCKER

  • Johnny Canucklehead

    Of course a hater is going to hate just like a lover is going to love. Thanks for that, Ms. Obvious. As far as my sexual preferences, sorry, not into boys like Neymar but if that’s really the best comeback you can come up with, yeah, fits the Neymar fans–no clue. Sorry, I like my soccer stars a bit more men than childlike.

    I mean, given the track record of Brazilians in Spain bar four (Dida, Ronaldo, Romario and Roverto Carlos), I have my doubts.

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