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Ronaldinho Is Still Playing Soccer, And He’s Making Ridiculous Chest Passes

If you’re not a big soccer fan, you probably thought that Ronaldinho is dead or doing whatever retired athletes do in Brazil, like joining the family cocaine business or something. He is alive and well, though, 33 years old and playing for Brazilian club Atlético Mineiro. He’s actually playing well and was even named captain of the Brazilian national team, the Seleção, for a recent friendly. Things are looking up for Ronaldinho. He’s somehow creating highlights on chest passes, a rare achievement.

Alright, it might have been a shoulder. I don’t know. Regardless, well done guy-who-received-the-pass for hitting it right at the goalie!

[101 Great Goals]

Photo via

  • Seahawk


  • Proudly Canadian

    WTF are you saying? “like joining the family cocaine business or something” Are you an idiot? What are you Americans fagots thinking? You are ridiculous! OMG, how ignorant you are!

  • Hugo Lauar

    Matt Rudnitsky, if you wanna write SHIT, write us a little bit about yourself.

  • Sensible.

    Why write about about a topic you clearly know very little about? You’re just embarrassing yourself. Ronaldinho has led this team spectacularly in the last year.

  • Wilhelm D

    And so was said by a citizen from the biggest coccaine market in the world.

  • Brasil Rules

    If you don’t know anything about football (yes, football. Soccer is for american fags), please, don’t waste your time writing shits about it. “joining the family cocaine business or something.”. And wha the retired american sportsmen do? Ask Michael Felps, Mike Tyson and many others.

  • Thiago Luiz

    WTF? You think those are who to talk like that in Brazil? Journalism of shit you do! In addition to passing a wrong country, Ronaldinho is not the captain of the Brazilian national team. Idiot! You bought your certificate? Look inform yourself before writing crap!

  • Anonymous
  • André

    You should respect Brazil. You are an ignorant, that’s for sure, but watch out what you talking about a country you dont even know. We are not drug dealers, we are hard workers, just like you guys or whoever, indepedent of their nationality.

    Dont talk shit about brazilians your ignorant!

  • Adolf Hitler

    In your news Matt Rudnitsky, you demonstrate your racism. Shame on you.

  • Suck my cocaine balls

    cocaine business? you a fuking redneck who like to drink moonshine, and fuck you sister.. see how you feel if somebody wright this about you?? you should be insued by Ronaldo.. but you so insignificante he neve gona now about this ridiculus note wright by you ass hole,cock suker”"”

  • Anonymous

    i like this a lot

  • Anonymous

    how do i feel? filled with laughs

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