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This Brawl Between Swedish Soccer Hooligans May Have Had More Casualties Than WWII

Swedish Soccer Hooligans FightThe title of this video is: Bitka GAIS Gothenburg vs Helsingborg + Copenhagen. There is undoubtedly a Swedish football club in Gothenburg, so they’re one group of hooligans; I believe they’re in the blue. There is also undoubtedly a Swedish football club in Helsingborg, and I believe they’re in the red. I also believe they won this by unanimous decision for most concussions given.

Where Copenhagen comes in, I’m not sure. That’s in Denmark, for our jingoistic readers. Google Translate shed little light on the situation. I think they might have been on their way to Copenhagen. Or this took place in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Perhaps they were taking a visit to the second oldest amusement park in the world. These hooligans look like they enjoy a good merry-go-round with a side of blue cotton candy.

I take it back: They probably weren’t on their way to a merry-go-round. They were probably on their way to cook some human flesh or wrestle boars or stop people from recycling.


  • Anders Andersen

    copenhagen and helsingborg´s hooligan firms are friendship firms.
    Since the cities are so close it easy to travel between them, and there has come a bond over many years.

    They drink together, they go to the matches together (if you go to a FCK-BIF derby ) wich is the derby between the two biggest teams in Copenhagen, there will be a good amont of hardcore supporters from Helsingborg supporting the lads from FCK.

    And because the firms are friendship firms they also fight together !

  • Anonymous

    Ah, gotcha! I actually lived in Copenhagen for four months and didn’t know this. Thanks for the info! I went to an FCK game, but it wasn’t a derby.

  • Anonymous

    Some hooligans of IFK wanted to come in Iraklis-PAOK game. And some idiots of PAOK make them a hospitality to them. Not to see the game as brothers and not in PAOK’s Stadium, but in our home field for games, Kaftantzoglio. The came in the booths free with the help of a man from PAOK FC, when Zagorakis was still the president of his team. They wanted to make a death meeting with some people of Zenit St. Petersburg. We sent messages to all sports pages to cut it down. But I saw them one Friday before the game and they were crowding in the streets for PAOK. But they come for bad things in Thessaloniki. Before the game, some fans of PAOK came to us and when the fans of Iraklis get on the Agiou Dimitriou Stree they started to run for going back to Paleno Patron Germanou, down Camara. There, they have their fan club. Big history, but now some made dirty things in corporation with policemen. As Golden Dawn made for a long time ago and the last year, but some people eat the lies and voted them and some will do this again.

  • Anonymous

    on Agiou Dimitriou (Saint Jimmy Street), Paleon Patron Germanou (Old Patras Father Germanos was a hero). For better infromation of yours.

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