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The Amazing Moment That 60,000 Brazilians Sang The National Anthem In Unison

Yes, it seems that all of Brazil is protesting the government’s use of taxpayer funds to build stadiums for soccer and the Olympics. But as this video shows us, plenty of people seem to be OK with he status quo as well. (Or, not. See update below).

This fairly amazing video was shot in Fortaleza, Brazil, in the first round of the Confederations Cup. Hours before, police clashed with protesters outside the same stadium. Ever hear 60,000 people singing the national anthem in unison?

UPDATE: As a commenter notes below, the anthem was apparently being sung in tribute to the protestors. Which makes the entire thing even more noteworthy.

Before the game, the entire stadium sang the Brazilian national anthem (“Hino Nacional Brasileiro”) in unison. It was chill-inducing.

The moment when the music cuts off and the crowd sings it is amazing.

  • Andre

    Nosso povo é sensacional, pena que nossos políticos não! :(

  • Brazlian guy

    “But as this video shows us, plenty of people seem to be OK with he status quo as well’

    Why in the wolrd would you see it like that? This amazing show just shows how we are proud that finally our people woke up to fight for their rights.

  • André Souza

    It is quite the opposite, Mr Chandler. Brazilians inside the stadium were actually honoring those outside that were taking a beat from the police to defend our rights and show that Brazilians are not indifferent to our corrupt polititians. Yes, they were inside the stadium, and paid quite a lot to be there, but that did not mean they wanted these gigantic events in Brazil to happen at the cost of our public health, education and transportation systems. Please, check your facts before writing something so absurd!

  • R Healy

    I was thinking just the same. Whoever wrote the article has absolutely no idea of what is going on in Brazil.

  • R Healy

    My thoughts exactly. Fala serio, ne?

  • Rick Chandler

    Your comment was appreciated, thanks. Except for the end when you sounded like a jerk. I’m sure you’re e nice guy, though. No yellow card.

  • Rogger

    Hi, I’m from Fortaleza, Brazil. I as in the stadium and can guarantee to you that we all sang together in tribute to our nation, the waves of change, to the protestors, to the new Brazil who rises!

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