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Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux Bikini Weekend Photos Will Bolster A Weary Nation

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux are in Hawaii, getting in some bikini time before the three U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team friendlies this month (Australia in San Antonio and New Zealand twice, at Candlestick Park and in Columbus, Ohio). Another drink, waiter: I don’t care what it is, as long as there’s alcohol and it comes in a coconut cup.

I think we all know that the main reason I’m a U.S. women’s soccer fan is that I think at some point two of the players might accidentally kiss.

Photos via @SydneyLeroux.

  • nk

    she looks better in a bikini when it’s painted.

  • vaporware

    Looks like someone needs a visit from the Breast Fairy.
    Hope she remembers to put the implants under her pillow before going to sleep.

  • Seahawk

    You can play soccer with soccer balls on your chest? Who knew?

  • Anonymous

    the USWNT is so damn hot.

  • RGZ

    Either that or, maybe they might possibly just be real. I mean think about it. Breasts are heavy, and forwards need to be able to run as fast as possible. Why would she, a professional sports athlete, deliberately make herself heavier, thus slowing her down? They’re probably not allowed to do that, any more than they’re not allowed to habitually eat junk food.

  • Sydney Prescott

    But as an athlete, how can you have this much fat? And the fat all happened to be stored in her boobs? There’s something unnatural about Sydney’s boobs. Morgan’s boob size should be natural for athletes.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…I talk about boobs all day and I still manage to not sound so creepo…I’m pretty sure they can get implants if they want, and what do you mean ‘should be natural’? So if a woman has a large chest she shouldn’t be allowed to play?

  • Sydney Prescott

    No, if they happen to have large chest (not from implants, but from nature) then that’s normal. But with Sydney Leroux’s boobs, there’s no way I would believe they are natural because they aren’t even proportional to the rest of the body. Like you expect us to believe that she has THIS much body fat, and ALL of that fat happens to be stored in her boobs?

  • anonymous chs student

    Many athletes have large boobs with zero to no body fat, its hereditary. I have friends on USWNT who have no body fat just as Syd and are DD cups by nature and have been their whole lives.

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