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England’s Advancement At Euro 2012 Will Be Controversial, Thanks To This Disallowed Goal

Well, if you’re a critic of soccer officiating/want goal line technology to help determine goals/want replay in general, this sequence was basically porn. England was nursing a 1-0 lead over Ukraine in Group D action, trying to advance to the knockout stage of Euro 2012, when Ukraine got a long pass downfield. They got a step on England’s defense. They took a shot. England’s goalie got a hand on it, but it wasn’t enough – the ball bounced up over his head, behind him, and headed into the net.

England tried frantically to clear the ball before it crossed the line, but it was too late – the ball was clearly across the line. Only thing was, it wasn’t called that way:

So England’s lead was preserved – and it was preserved all the way up until the end. England won, 1-0, and advanced out of the group. Ukrainian fans were undoubtedly upset – that was a clearly blown call. The goal shouldn’t have even been close to not counting.

In fact, the only thing that should make Ukraine and its supporters feel any better was that… the goal shouldn’t have been in a position to count in the first place, because Ukraine was offside (uncalled, of course) when that long downfield pass was made. Yes, in this case, two wrongs actually did (sort of) make a right, since the blown call on the goal counting made up for the blown offside no-call.

But this was no way to arrive at the correct result. If you can watch the clip above and conclude that soccer doesn’t need some sort of replay technology, we’ve got nothing left, because nothing will convince you. Talk about the “human element” all you want – the game’s ultimately about the players, so what the players do ought to be judged as accurately as possible. In the sequence above, it wasn’t – twice over. By luck, it happened to turn out right this time. Other times, it won’t, and you’ll hear the same calls for replay. And maybe, eventually, it’ll actually happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sam.hayen.5 Sam Hayen

    my only question is – how can the line judge not know that it crossed the line? He has the best view out there and his job is to do exactly this!

  • Jpgillett

    It may have crossed the line, but he was also clearly offside.

  • djn

    this article is invalid as you called it ‘soccer,’ its football. stupid yanks

  • Stelar16

    Ehh – who’s offside? The guy taking the shot? Have another look, check the rulebook  and then reconsider your comment.

  • Coddy83

    he was offside so regardless of the decision it worked its self out. Up the 3 lions bring on italy

  • keiren david

    no controversy. A 1-1 drew would still have seen England through and Ukraine out. Ukraine had to beat England by 2 clear goals due to Italy’s 1-0 win. P.S I’m not an england supporter, just hate sensationalist  journalism

  • Euro2012

    There is the psychological factor that was devasted due to the goal not being counted.

  • Jamey722

    your the one who need to look up the rules. it doesn’t matter that the person who took the hot was onside. the point was play should have been stopped before he even got the ball as the guy who passed it to him was offside….

  • kit

    Allow me to relieve you of your ignorance. See, in the US we play a real man’s sport called football. The dopey kids game you call ‘football’, we call soccer. Hope you have it straight now. 

  • Anon

    @daa420cd2b1f1d1590ec5ba33cb81f27:disqus  Come on man, don’t resort to name calling.
    @c8c50c0db7203c9f749d48c60779c7d4:disqus Don’t fight ignorance with even more ignorance. 
    @fac832a067c3f8b1432994df34b127ab:disqus & @google-4adf615350a6856c5694c5fd00dc81da:disqus Nice to see people actually talking sense on here
    and finally @79cfb51281609f75afac22078b795bf8:disqus IF there was a psychological factor, it could work against or for Ukraine, ie make them feel like giving up or make them fight harder for justice in their eyes. (Even though it was offside so the majority of this speculation is pointless)

    Rant over. 

  • Athlete11

     No it was not offside!

     look at the replay you moron

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Prad-Bitt/100003683037637 Prad Bitt

    your any even dumber fuc….real football is called rugby…a real mans game there lil girl …where we dont pad the hell out of our selves like women!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Prad-Bitt/100003683037637 Prad Bitt

    here’s a tissue commie’s….get over it England won u lost take it like a man

  • Cheeze

    It was you stupid cunt you look at the replay. The player who received the long pass was way offside. 

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