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Falcons Fans Bro Out, Nearly Ruin Emotional Moment Between Deion Sanders And Devin Hester

deion sanders devin hester

Devin Hester broke Deion Sanders’ return touchdown record Thursday night in Atlanta. Afterwards, the legendary returners shared a tear-streaked moment as Falcons fans did their best to ruin everything


Brandon Marshall Just Gave A Very Compelling, Thoughtful Press Conference On Domestic Violence, His Past

For 45 minutes Brandon Marshall bared it all in front of the media, attempting to explain his past without legitimizing it. Must watch…


THE ONION: Fantasy Football In The NFL’s Final Season Of Existence

It’s been a rough two weeks for the NFL and has become “abundantly clear” the league will no longer exist hereafter. So enjoy this final season of fantasy football while you still can.


FANTASY FOOTBALL: Week 3 FLEX Rankings, Starts & Sleepers

Pat Mayo compiled literally everything you’ll need to know about Week 3 in his weekly FLEX rankings. Podcast, videos, lists, #jokes, tweets, strategy, and theoretical physics. Ok, maybe not that last one — but this post is awesome. Check it out…


Brazilian League Soccer Player Scores Goal, Immeditately Falls Down Bugs Bunny Hole

“Hey guys, what’s with the huge hole over there right next to the field? Would someone PLEASE cover that damn thing up with a tarp so that it turns into a ankle-shattering human trap? Thank you.”

– Coritiba groundskeeper

NFLThey Said What?Video

Here’s Video Of Colin Kaepernick Saying… Something To Lamarr Houston

colin kaepernickConsidering it’s going to cost $11,025, whatever Colin Kaepernick said during the Sunday night game must have been pretty terrible, right?


Stewart On The NFL: ‘You Know Things Are Bad When You Have You Appoint Your Own Special Victims Unit’

The Daily Show makes one million jokes about the bumbling fumbling National Football League, which appears to not know what the hell it’s doing these days.


Donald Trump Thinks The NFL Is Soft, Invokes How Much Tougher It Was When He Played On Mike & Mike

How a billionaire can sound so much like every other opinionated asshole who calls into sports talk radio we’ll never know. Listen to him complain about the NFL right after he explains how much BiLLiOnZ uh dollarz he has, after the jump…


Watch The Vikings Explain Why They Suspended Adrian Peterson Indefinitely

wilfHow do you go from reinstating a guy to play in Week 3 to suspending him indefinitely? That’s what the Vikings brass sort of explained this morning.


Is Adrian Peterson Expendable? Colin Cowherd Seems To Think So

Adrian Peterson may never play for the Vikings ever again and Colin Cowherd doesn’t think that’s all that big a loss. Whoa, dude, pump your breaks — that’s AP you’re talking about.

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