Wildest Big Money Bets of the 2022 College Football Season

You might think you are a pretty serious gambler when college football season rolls around. Maybe you bet a few games a week or go hard and heavy on your alma mater or the school you live near. Well, I’ve got some news for you. There’s always a bigger fish. And as the NCAA football season is upon us, here are some of the biggest fish in the BetMGM pond.

BetMGM College Football Notable Wagers

It’s not surprising that one of college football’s most popular futures wagers is always on the National Champion. After all, you play to win the game, and who doesn’t want to see their team stay alive to the very end?

To Win College Football National Championship

  • $10,000 to win $60,000 on Ohio State +600

  • $2,000 to win $70,000 on USC +3500

  • $500 to win $75,000 on NC State +15000

  • $100 to win $100,000 on UTEP +100000

Ohio State has the second shortest odds to win it all in 2022, and this lucky bettor got in when the getting was good. The Buckeyes have shot up to +320, so that same $10,000 bet would bring in just over half  ($32,000) of that wagerist’s potential 60 K payout.

USC is a bit of a longshot on the outside looking in at the big three, four if you count Clemson (+1200). In addition to the Tigers, Alabama (+190), the aforementioned Buckeyes (+320), and Georgia (+350) are the big favorites to take home college football’s top prize.

But like our 10 K bettor, this wager was placed at an opportune time. A wager on the Trojans to win it all made today pays out at only +2000. So instead of bringing in 70 grand, the original bettor would have only seen a $40,000 payday, but I’m sure they’d gladly still take it.

NC State is a much bigger longshot than USC, which still sits with top-five odds. The Wolfpack are behind 28 other teams with better odds to take the National Championship. They are also log-jammed with nine other squads with +15000 odds or chances of 150-to-1. Today’s same bet would bring $75,000 on a $500 play as it did for our original wager maker.

If some kind of wild UTEP two-step can be done where the Miners can strike gold on a National Title, at least one bettor would be extremely ecstatic. Many handicappers and sportsbooks would have egg on their faces if the University of Texas at El Paso could pull off such a shocker.

Their odds are the same as cracking open an egg with double yolk, 1-in-1,000. It’s improbable this will happen as the Miners have 76 teams ahead of them with better odds and are slapped together with 53 other teams sharing their +100000 price point.

Still, should a double yolk come out of the UTEP omelet, at least one brave bettor will be feasting on 100,000 clams from their $100 wager.

To Win Heisman Award

  • $650 to win $130,000 on Cade McNamara +20000

Someone really must have a thing for Cade McNamara. I’m picturing a bedroom with Cade posters plastering the walls, jerseys, paraphernalia, and a shrine to their Heisman hopeful. While $650 is not the kind of cake our Ohio State fan put down throwing 10 Gs on the Buckeyes to win it all, that bet might happen.

The Michigan quarterback has a much higher mountain to climb than OSU. McNamara has 58 players above him with better odds than the +20000 our Wolverines fan ended up getting. But this stoic gambler may have something as Michigan’s pivot has seen his number jump to +12500. That $130,000 payout would be a shade over $81,000 if you picked Cade for the Heisman today.

To Win SEC Conference

  • $1,000 to win $66,000 on Ole Miss +6600

  • $1,000 to win $50,000 on Tennessee +5000

A pair of Southeastern Conference enthusiasts are putting their money where their mouth is, locking in big wagers on two of the most popular, if not ultra-talented, teams in college football.

It will not be an easy task as both teams are stuck in a stacked conference where two opposing teams (Alabama & Georgia) are in the top three on the National Championship odds board. The Volunteers have only the fourth-shortest odds, but the gap is vast when juggernauts like the Crimson Tide are at -141 and the Bulldogs at +150 to win the conference. 

Ole Miss is even further backlogged with four teams with the same odds and four squads in front of them.

Both teams have seen their number bet down if there is a bright side. The Rebels are now at +5000, and Tennessee sits with +4000 odds to reign atop the SEC.

Season Win Total

  • $10,000 on Kansas over 2.5 (-135)

While the odds may be in favor of this ballsy bettor, ten grand is a whole lotta scratch to be wagering on a lousy football team. The Jayhawks are certainly a basketball school, and anything can happen when a three-ball is the over you are looking for.

Kansas has only won three games twice in the past seven seasons. The Jayhawks are coming off a two-win campaign in 2021, which followed a winless season in 2020. It was the second time in six years Kansas won zero games in a single campaign.

The odds may be shifting in our 10 thousand dollar man’s favor as the season win total for Kansas is now juiced at -143.

Wager What You Want, Wager What You Can

While many of these sports wagering enthusiasts seemed to throw away the responsible gambling mantra, who knows, maybe they are playing within their limits, but it’s a little bit too rich for my blood.

Kudos to those with the pockets and cahones to make a $10,000 wager, but I’ll stick to lower stakes for my entertainment in making sports gambling moves. Bet what makes you comfortable, not what gives you a heart attack as you wait for the final play to end.

That said, good luck to the big, bold bettors as college football starts up a full board for all of us.