Brian Ciano

In Game Live Ferrall Coast to Coast Bare Knuckle Fighting

Brian Ciano, aka Mafia, is the producer/sidekick extraordinaire of Ferrall Coast to Coast and Ferrall On The Bench and a host of In-Game Live. Ciano has been a part of Scott Ferrall’s shows since 2006, after impressing Ferrall as an intern when Ferrall worked on Howard 101. He continued to be a friend/guest of the show until Ferrall made Brian part of his show in the Spring of 2008 as his Associate Producer. They left to help start CBS Sports Radio in 2013, where Brian took over as Scott’s Executive Producer, where they broadcasted on over 175 stations throughout North America. As a sports betting lover and the main MMA handicapper on Ferrall’s show, it was only natural Brian would come with Scott when he joined SportsGrid to take their talks of spreads and covers to the next level.

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