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NFL · 9 months ago

10 Highest-Scoring Chargers Games: Most Points Ever

Zachary Cook

Formerly the San Diego Chargers before their move to Los Angeles, there has been plenty of high-scoring affairs throughout the franchise’s existence.

With that, let’s rank the top ten highest-scoring Chargers games:

1. San Diego Chargers 58, Denver Broncos 20

Date: December 22, 1963

In what was a two-score game heading into the fourth quarter, the San Diego Chargers outscored the Denver Broncos 22-0 in the final frame, resulting in the highest scoring outburst in franchise history. Chuck Allen stripped a Bronco in the fourth and ran it back 42 yards to seal the game. 

2. San Diego Chargers 55, Oakland Raiders 21

Date: November 22, 1981

The San Diego Chargers must have had some speech from head coach Don Coryell at halftime in this game, which saw the Bolts outscore one of their biggest rivals, the Oakland Raiders, 27-0 in the second half. 

3. San Diego Chargers 55, Denver Broncos 24

Date: October 20, 1968

In a game where Chargers quarterback John Hadl only completed nine passes, the Denver Broncos secondary was a mess, so he still tallied 321 yards and four touchdowns. Jacque MacKinnon led receivers with 172 yards and a pair of scores. 

4. Los Angeles Chargers 54, Buffalo Bills 24

Date: November 19, 2017

The most recent high-scoring affair for this franchise came in 2017, where Keenan Allen had a field day, catching 12 balls for 159 yards and a pair of touchdowns in the victory. Philip Rivers passed for 251 yards, and the defense added a score. 

5. San Diego Chargers 54, Pittsburgh Steelers 44

Date: December 8, 1985

The highest combined scoring game on this list came when the Pittsburgh Steelers were in town in 1985. Quarterback Dan Fouts threw 372 yards and three touchdowns but was also picked off three times in the ten-point Chargers victory. 

6. San Diego Chargers 53, New York Jets 7

Date: November 2, 1963

In a colossal throttling for the ages, the Chargers took the New York Jets to school, blowing them out 53-7. The Chargers were led by a great effort from Tobin Rote at quarterback, who passed for 369 yards and three touchdowns, which equated to a quarterback rating of 149.  

7. San Diego Chargers 52, Denver Broncos 21

Date: December 28, 2008

LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles had a field day rushing the football in 2008 against the Denver Broncos, combining for 211 yards and four touchdowns. The defense was also effective, picking off Jay Cutler two times in the victory. 

8. Los Angeles Chargers 52, Oakland Raiders 28

Date: November 27, 1960

Jack Kemp threw for 307 yards and two touchdowns in the Chargers’ big victory over the Oakland Raiders, but it was once again the rushing attack that took center stage in this win. Paul Lowe led the charge with 149 yards on the ground and a score, and the team added three other rushing touchdowns in the win. 

9. San Diego Chargers 51, Detroit Lions 14

Date: December 16, 2007

Much like in their big victory against the Broncos in 2008, which ranked seventh on this list, the dynamic duo of LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles combined for 238 yards and four touchdowns, showing once again how dominant they were in their prime. 

10. San Diego Chargers 50, Miami Dolphins 28

Date: September 7, 1986

Dan Fouts put together another dynamite performance against the Miami Dolphins in 1986. It saw him throw 293 and three touchdowns, outlasting the iconic Dan Marino in one of their classic, high-scoring battles. 


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