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NFL · 22 days ago

3 NFL Receivers to Reach 1,000 Yards and Their Odds



3 NFL Receivers to Reach 1,000 Yards and Their Odds

As the NFL season is upon us, all eyes are on wide receivers and who are expected to clock those big numbers. Here’s a breakdown of some top contenders and their odds of reaching the coveted 1000-yard mark.

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Terry McLaurin: Betting on Consistency

Odds: +135
First on our list is Terry McLaurin, coming in with odds of +135 to reach at least 1,000 receiving yards. The fact that McLaurin has reached this mark in three consecutive seasons speaks volumes about his consistency. Given his commendable durability, we anticipate he’ll replicate this feat again.

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Mike Evans: The Underrated Juggernaut

Odds: +155
Mike Evans is another name to watch closely. At +155 to reach the 1000-yard mark, he might be one of the most undervalued assets in the game. The astounding record of achieving this number in nine straight seasons places Evans among the elite. Don’t let the underrated tag fool you; we’re pegging him for more of the same this season.

Brandon Cooks: The Cowboys Dark Horse

Odds: +230
Representing the Dallas Cowboys, we have Brandin Cooks with odds of +230 to secure 1000 receiving yards. Playing opposite CeeDee Lamb, Cooks is poised to receive plenty of action. Considering that this veteran has hit the 1000-yard milestone in six of his last eight seasons, we’re optimistic about his chances to do so again.

While the spotlight often shines on quarterbacks and running backs, these wide receivers can change a game’s dynamic with a single play. With the season in full swing, it will be enthralling to see which athletes hit their mark and which will exceed expectations. Grab your popcorn; the wide receiver showdown is on!

Odds Courtesy FanDuel Sportsbook

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