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NFL · 20 days ago

3 Quarterback Passing Yard Props to Play in Week 11



3 Quarterback Passing Yard Props to Play in Week 11

In the dynamic realm of NFL betting, intriguing trends are emerging, especially in the context of passing and rushing strategies. A notable shift has been observed with teams adapting their play styles, impacting how bettors view their odds.

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Starting with the Carolina Panthers, the focus is on their quarterback, Bryce Young facing the Dallas Cowboys. His passing yards over/under has been set at 190.5 yards, a slight increase from 188 earlier in the day. There’s a growing sentiment that the Panthers might face a challenging game, potentially leading to Young being sidelined in the latter stages. This scenario makes betting the under on Young’s passing yards compelling, despite the general reluctance to take unders for quarterbacks with less than 200 yards.

Switching gears to the Miami Dolphins, the spotlight is on Tua Tagovailoa. Despite a challenging matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, Tua’s ability to make short, effective passes, especially with weapons like Tyreek Hill, could turn modest gains into significant yardage. The over/under for Tua has been set at 266 yards, down from 270 earlier. This adjustment reflects expectations for a more balanced offense, but the potential for short passes to accumulate significant yardage makes betting over on Tua’s passing yards a sound strategy.

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Finally, looking at the Tennessee Titans, quarterback Will Levis is under the microscope. Set against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Levis’ over/under is at 211.5 yards. Despite a strong start to the season, Levis hasn’t consistently hit high passing yard totals. Coupled with Jacksonville’s anticipated control of the game and Levis’ limited options for passing targets, betting under on his passing yards seems prudent. This one-dimensional approach from Tennessee could be a key factor in the game’s outcome.

These insights into the NFL betting landscape highlight the importance of understanding team dynamics, player capabilities, and strategic shifts. Bettors looking to capitalize on these trends need to consider not just the raw numbers but also the context in which these players and teams operate.

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