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NFL · 20 days ago

3 Things We Learned From the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 11

Zachary Cook

Zachary Cook

3 Things We Learned From the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 11

The Cincinnati Bengals not only lost on Thursday Night Football, they suffered a severe blow after losing Joe Burrow for the season.

SportsGrid has more on the Bengals. 

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1. The Bengals Super Bowl Hopes Were Flushed Down the Toilet

When Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow couldn’t fully grip the football on the sidelines, you knew something wrong was up. There were many questions about Burrow entering Thursday night without an injury designation. Burrow has been ruled out for the season with a torn ligament in his right wrist. He and the Bengals had Super Bowl aspirations entering the year, and rightfully so. Those have now been all but flushed down the toilet with his injury. Nothing has gone right for the Bengals this season, with Burrow having his calf injured in training camp and starting the year hobbling. It’s a shame because we know what this Bengals team would have been capable of if their star quarterback had been healthy. 

2. Defense Continues to Struggle Against the Run

It’s been a strange season for this Bengals defense. There have been times when this defensive unit has looked mighty, and other times when it’s looked like Swiss cheese. It looked like the latter on Thursday night, which saw the Ravens run the football all over the Bengals, who allowed 34 points. Lamar Jackson and Gus Edwards were the prime beneficiaries, and it’s widely known that this an area where you can take advantage of the Bengals. Up next for the Bengals are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts, three teams that pride themselves in running the football. If the Bengals hope to play spoiler in those matchups, they’ll need to shore up their run defense. 

3. What Exactly is the Bengals Wide Reciever Room?

Let’s get this out of the way before people come at us. We’re aware that Tee Higgins was sidelined on Thursday night. Ja’Marr Chase found his way into the endzone for a garbage-time touchdown. Fantasy managers of Chase can rejoice. That said, the Bengals have hardly seen any consistency from their wide receivers in 2023, which is concerning when you factor in the names in this group. You can make a case that this has to do with the Burrow injury early on, which altered their production, but talent should always win out. Look at what Garrett Wilson is still accomplishing with the New York Jets despite the quarterback situation. The Bengals may have found their way out of the Super Bowl picture with Burrow’s injury, but if Chase and Higgins can show up down the stretch, they will still be able to put up points. 

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