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NFL · 12 days ago

AFC East Odds Shuffle: Dolphins Leap, Bills Stumble



AFC East Odds Shuffle: Dolphins Leap, Bills Stumble

At least for now, it’s an NFL changing of the guard in the AFC East. Following the Bills’ surprise loss on Monday night, we’re seeing a significant reshuffling of the divisional odds.

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The Miami Dolphins, once the third choice at 3 to 1, have jumped up as the favorites, now sitting at +140. The Bills, previously the frontrunners, slid from +120 to +145 after their recent defeat. Meanwhile, the New York Jets made a considerable leap, moving from +250 to 5 to 1. Despite showing some mettle against Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles, the Patriots saw their odds shift from 8 to 1 to 9 to 1.

It’s challenging to place the Jets ahead of the Pats in this equation. Sure, the Jets showcased some moxie on Monday, but the Patriots’ encounter with the Eagles shouldn’t be dismissed. Going up against an elite defense and Jalen Hurts, they managed to register an impressive offensive outing. The idea that the Jets, with Zach Wilson at the helm, could hold better odds than a Bill Belichick-coached squad is baffling.

Regarding the Bills, if we’re placing bets today, they’d still be a good pick at +145. Despite the recent debacle, this is a team with undeniable talent. The upcoming match against the Las Vegas Raiders presents a golden opportunity. With the Raiders on back-to-back road games and not showcasing top-tier performances, the Bills’ home opener might be the bounce-back platform they need. A dominating win, say around 38-13, could reignite faith in the Bills, bringing supporters back on board.

It’s the NFL – reactions shift with each week’s outcomes. Under Josh Allen‘s leadership, Buffalo may have stumbled, but there’s ample opportunity for redemption. The last time they faced off in a playoff game, the Cincinnati Bengals delivered a stinging defeat. Now, more than ever, they’ll be looking to make amends.

In a division as competitive as the AFC East, the fight is never truly over until the last whistle. Whether it’s a fire in the belly or just sheer resilience, expect these teams to battle fiercely all season long.

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