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NFL · 18 days ago

AFC East Win Totals: Patriots Face an Uphill Battle This Season



AFC East Win Totals: Patriots Face an Uphill Battle This Season

The New England Patriots are a team synonymous with success, but recent seasons, particularly on the offensive front, have told a different story.

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Quarterback Conundrum

The big question looming over Foxborough is, who’s taking the reins? Is Mac Jones the answer at quarterback, or will the Pats be forced to look elsewhere? The answer could significantly shape the Patriots’ season. Don’t forget Jones was benched in favor of Bailey Zappe last year.

The Numbers Game

The Patriots’ win total is currently pegged at 7.5. There’s tempting plus money if you’re bullish on them surpassing this mark. However, the odds tilt to -142 if you think they’ll underperform.

Where do we stand? Unfortunately, despite an 8-win performance last season, the dice doesn’t seem to roll in favor of the Patriots this year.

Bright Spots on the Horizon?

There are reasons for optimism. Introducing Bill O’Brien as the new offensive coordinator could galvanize the squad. Historically, the Patriots have boasted a staunch defense and an effective run game. There’s hope these aspects of their game shine brighter this season.

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The Challenge Ahead

Yet, despite improvements anticipated on both the offensive and defensive ends, the Patriots face a grueling schedule. Given the challenges ahead, securing eight wins seems like a tall order.


Considering the aforementioned factors and the challenging season ahead, we’re leaning toward the New England Patriots not surpassing the 7.5-win mark. Taking the under at -142 seems to be the way to go. Only time will tell if the Patriots can defy the odds and rekindle their championship magic.

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