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NFL · 25 days ago

AFC North Season Win Totals: Tomlin Looking for Steelers 17th Straight Winning Season



AFC North Season Win Totals: Tomlin Looking for Steelers 17th Straight Winning Season

It’s an undeniable feat in the NFL: Mike Tomlin, the stalwart head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, boasts 16 consecutive winning seasons. As we stare down the barrel of the upcoming season, the burning question is: Can he notch it up to 17?

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Let’s delve into the numbers.

The win total projection for the Steelers this season stands tantalizingly at 8.5. While the juice for that over is priced at -150, there’s a compelling argument to be made about the Steelers’ prospects of achieving more than that. There is a path for the Pittsburgh Steelers to secure a solid 10-win this season. If you’re feeling bullish about Pittsburgh hitting double-digit victories, FanDuel Sportsbook offers odds of 10+ wins at +130. That’s where to place your chips.

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Faith is rooted in the unwavering leadership of Mike Tomlin. But it’s not just about the seasoned coach. There’s another rising star on this roster, quarterback Kenny Pickett. After a commendable rookie year, Pickett’s second year promises explosive potential. The young QB, equipped with a robust arm, demonstrated resilience last year, and if he can maintain his health and receive ample protection from the O-line, the sky’s the limit.

Yet, it’s not all offense. The Steelers’ defense, robust and unyielding, forms the bedrock of this team’s success. With a few tweaks and consistent health, expect them to thwart many a game plan this season.

With a blend of seasoned leadership and young talent, the Pittsburgh Steelers are poised for an ascent. Not only will they go over their total, but 10+ wins at +130 is the savvy play. If you’re searching for a futures bet with tremendous value, the Steelers offer a compelling proposition.

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