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NFL · 19 days ago

AFC North Thursday Night Football Clash: Ravens Host Bengals



AFC North Thursday Night Football Clash: Ravens Host Bengals

As the NFL heads into Week 11, Thursday night football presents a marquee matchup that’s garnering significant attention. The Baltimore Ravens are entering the game as a 3.5-point favorite, making the Cincinnati Bengals the underdog for just the second time this season. The over/under is set at 46, a number that’s sparking debate among analysts and bettors alike.

However, the prime-time Thursday slot presents challenges, primarily due to the shorter recovery and preparation time for teams. This factor is crucial, especially for teams like the Ravens and Bengals, who are familiar foes in the league.

Despite the Bengals’ underdog status, early in the week, there was a belief that they could secure a win against the Ravens in Baltimore. Yet, as the week progressed, the focus shifted towards the Ravens. The Bengals’ weakness, especially in stopping the run, could be detrimental when facing the Ravens’ dynamic quarterback Lamar Jackson and their strong running game.

The Ravens’ offensive prowess isn’t limited to the ground game; they also pose a significant threat in the air, averaging 7.4 yards per pass attempt. This versatility could be a deciding factor against the Bengals’ defense, which seems vulnerable to both facets of the Ravens’ offense.

Regardless of team quality, the total score often remains below the over/under. We contend that if this were a weekend game, the dynamics could favor a higher-scoring affair, potentially benefiting the Ravens both in terms of a larger winning margin and surpassing the total. 

The anticipation is high for this divisional rivalry. The focus is not just on whether the Ravens will secure a victory but also on how the game’s dynamics will unfold, particularly considering the limitations and opportunities presented by the Thursday night schedule. This matchup is not just a test of physical skill but also of strategic preparation and adaptation to the unique challenges of midweek football.

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