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NFL · 20 days ago

Are the Denver Broncos Pretenders or Contenders?



Are the Denver Broncos Pretenders or Contenders?

In a remarkable shift of fortune, the Denver Broncos have transformed their NFL season from a potential top-draft pick scenario to a mid-table position with recent victories. This turnaround, under the guidance of head coach Sean Payton, prompts the question: are the Broncos’ successes a genuine sign of progress or merely a mirage of good fortune?

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Analyzing their recent games, one can’t help but notice the narrow margins of their victories, often not looking dominant in these wins. However, in the NFL, the win-loss record is the ultimate barometer of success, and the Broncos have been finding ways to tip the scale in their favor.

A critical factor in their success has been quarterback Russell Wilson. The team’s strategy has been to rely on Wilson for one crucial, game-winning throw. This approach was evident in their victory against Buffalo, where a late sideline touchdown sealed the game. Similarly, their recent win over the Vikings was clinched by a touchdown at the back of the end zone, a play that arguably should have been defended better.

The Broncos have adopted a strategy that leverages their players’ strengths, a refreshing change from coaches imposing their preferred style regardless of the team’s composition. Defensively, they’ve embraced a low-variant style, emphasizing sound defense over aggressive play. They’ve been effective in preventing deep, explosive plays while still managing to confuse quarterbacks with simulated pressures and unexpected drops into coverage.

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Offensively, the Broncos have focused on a simple yet effective game plan: running the ball efficiently and avoiding risky throws. This conservative approach may not be conducive to a Super Bowl run, as winning games with slim margins like 17-13 or 20-21 isn’t typically a recipe for postseason success. However, it has been effective in accumulating wins and building team morale as they continue to develop their identity.

For the rest of the season, this approach seems to be their ceiling. The Broncos will likely lose some tight, low-scoring games, but they’ve certainly made their matches more intriguing. From a betting perspective, the Broncos have become an exciting team to watch, with the potential to upset as underdogs or capitalize when favored.

While the Broncos’ recent success might not signal a championship-contending team, their ability to adapt and play to their strengths has made them a competitive and unpredictable force in the league.

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