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NFL · 23 days ago

Assessing Ravens’ Lamar Jackson’s Fantasy Value in Week 10



Assessing Ravens’ Lamar Jackson’s Fantasy Value in Week 10

As the NFL season progresses into Week 10, the Baltimore Ravens, specifically Lamar Jackson, are under intense scrutiny. With strategies and player performances widely analyzed, there are no secrets left in the league. This deep analysis impacts fantasy football and betting decisions, especially regarding high-profile players like Jackson.

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Lamar Jackson’s High Stakes: Assessing the Risk

Lamar Jackson, priced at $8,300 on FanDuel and $8,000 on DraftKings, carries a significant investment risk for fantasy players. Injuries within the Ravens’ roster raise concerns about his stackability, and the option to play him ‘naked’ (without stacking) in fantasy lineups is a critical consideration.

The Challenge of the Cleveland Browns Defense

Facing the Cleveland Browns, known for their formidable defense, poses a significant challenge for Jackson. This matchup, typical of the rough-and-tumble AFC North battles, could lead to a lower total score, making Jackson’s high salary a questionable investment.

Comparing Quarterback Options: Herbert and Jackson

Justin Herbert and Lamar Jackson are at the top of the quarterback options this week. However, given recent performances and matchups, there’s hesitation in selecting them. Jackson, in particular, has not provided a good return on investment in recent weeks, with consecutive games scoring only 11 points.

The Oppo Play: A Potential Strategic Move with Jackson

Despite the risks, there’s a strategic ‘oppo play’ angle with Jackson. If most players fade Jackson, selecting him could be a significant differentiator, especially if he delivers an exceptional performance against the Browns.

The Potential of a Breakout Game for Jackson

The talent and opportunity for Lamar Jackson to have a breakout game are undeniable. The unpredictability of the NFL means there’s always a chance for a player of Jackson’s caliber to defy expectations, particularly with his rushing ability.

Being Responsibly Different in Fantasy Football

The concept of being ‘responsibly different’ in fantasy football is critical here. It’s not about being different for the sake of it but about making strategic choices that can pay off. In Jackson’s case, having one lineup featuring him could be a smart move, considering his potential for a high-scoring game.

Conclusion: Weighing the Pros and Cons with Lamar Jackson

In conclusion, fantasy football players and bettors must carefully weigh the risks and potential rewards of including Lamar Jackson in their lineups this week. While his recent performance and tough matchup against the Browns’ defense are concerns, his ability to deliver a standout performance makes him an intriguing, albeit risky, choice for Week 10.

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