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NFL · 21 days ago

Best and Worst NFL Teams Against the Spread This Season



Best and Worst NFL Teams Against the Spread This Season

As the NFL season progresses, the performance of teams against the spread (ATS) offers interesting insights. While some teams are excelling, others are struggling to meet the expectations set by bookmakers and bettors. Let’s dive into the current landscape, highlighting the teams that stand out for their ATS records.

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Top Performers Against the Spread

The Detroit Lions have an impressive ATS record of 7-2, showcasing their ability to outperform expectations. Similarly, the Philadelphia Eagles are strong contenders in this regard, with a 6-2-1 record against the spread. Other notable teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, and Dallas Cowboys are also doing well against the spread. These records reflect their on-field success and ability to consistently perform above betting market expectations.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Defying Odds

The Buccaneers, with a 6-3 ATS record, deserve a special mention. They have managed to cover significant spreads, even against formidable opponents like the Buffalo Bills, showcasing their resilience and capacity to surprise.

Indianapolis Colts: Overcoming Challenges

The Indianapolis Colts, with a 6-4 record against the spread, are a surprising inclusion. Despite quarterback changes from Anthony Richardson to Gardner Minshew, the Colts have managed a 60% cover rate on the spread. Notable wins, including an early-season victory over the Baltimore Ravens, demonstrate their unpredictability and competitiveness.

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Struggling Teams Against the Spread

On the other end of the spectrum, teams like the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, both with 2-8 ATS records, have found it challenging to meet betting expectations. The New York Giants and New Orleans Saints, both at 2-7-1, along with the Carolina Panthers at 2-6-1, have also struggled significantly against the spread. Despite a balanced 5-5 overall record, the Bills have a disappointing 3-7 ATS record, indicating a gap between expectations and performance.

New Orleans Saints: A Paradoxical Situation

The Saints, leading the NFC South yet holding a 2-7-1 ATS record, stand out for their inability to cover spreads despite their position in the standings. This inconsistency raises questions about their overall performance and coaching under Dennis Allen.

New England Patriots: A Downward Trend

The Patriots, traditionally a strong team under Bill Belichick, have been catching significant spreads but failing to cover them. This situation, reflective of their lack of offensive identity and overall team struggles, has pushed them out of the playoff picture, contrary to preseason expectations.

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These ATS records offer a unique lens through which to view the NFL landscape. While teams like the Lions and Eagles excel, others like the Saints and Patriots are underperforming. As the season continues, it will be interesting to see how these trends evolve and whether teams can adjust to meet or defy the betting odds set against them.