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NFL · 3 months ago

Betting on Justin Fields: The Rising Star of Chicago Bears



Betting on Justin Fields: The Rising Star of Chicago Bears

From the heart of the Windy City comes a whirlwind of excitement surrounding the Chicago Bears, chiefly because of the incredible prowess of quarterback Justin Fields. In the betting universe, numbers rarely lie, and the numbers around Fields have everyone talking. Let’s dissect the betting odds, the potential returns, and whether you should take the plunge.

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Recapping Fields’ Stellar 2022

Last year, Justin Fields astonished the NFL world with a staggering 1,143 rushing yards. To add some icing on that cake, he also bagged eight rushing touchdowns. Not playing every single game makes these stats even more impressive. He’s already established himself as a mobile quarterback that defies norms.

The Vegas Total: 800.5

Vegas has set the over-under for Fields’ rushing yards at 800.5 for the upcoming season. Available at betting pros, this is seen as a golden number, especially considering his last season’s performance. With odds at -112, this is arguably the best value bet in town.

The Injury Equation

The biggest concern surrounding this bet, as with many athletic feats, is the potential for injury. The best number for under 800.5, factoring in the possibility of injury, stands at -124. However, the inherent risk associated with his playstyle makes this an essential consideration for bettors.

The Magic Number: 47

For Fields to exceed the 800.5 rushing yards in a 17-game season, he needs to average just 47 yards a game. When you consider his previous average and performances, this seems more than achievable. Even if he misses a game or two, the required average doesn’t skyrocket drastically.

Impact of DJ Moore

While the addition of DJ Moore signals that the Bears might focus more on the passing game, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a drastic reduction in Field’s rushing yards. Moore will undoubtedly enhance the passing attack, but expecting Fields to drastically cut back on his running seems unlikely.

Conclusion: Smash the Over

When all’s said and done, betting on Fields to surpass 800.5 rushing yards feels like a strong choice. If he stays fit and plays most of the season, achieving those numbers is well within reach. It’s an exciting time to be a Chicago Bears fan, and for those looking to bet, the over on Justin Fields looks like the way to go.

In the world of betting, few things are guaranteed. But with the odds currently set, and considering Field’s undeniable talent, the Chicago Bears might just be the golden ticket for bettors this NFL season.

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