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NFL · 2 months ago

Bills QB Josh Allen Emerges as the NFL MVP Favorite



Bills QB Josh Allen Emerges as the NFL MVP Favorite

Josh Allen had the entirety of Western New York cheering for him after a commanding performance against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Before the weekend, Allen was in the conversation to win NFL MVP, but he’s now considered the odds-on favorite. 

This is a game of fluctuating fortunes, and it’s something that continues to change on a weekly basis. 

However, the limelight is undeniably on Allen. The question now arises: Is Allen deserving of being the outright favorite for the MVP award after the first month of NFL play?

Well, this award has always been volatile, given the myriad of talents in the league. Last week, there was a buzz about handing over the award prematurely due to standout performances. But just a week later, perspectives shift. Now, it’s as if everyone suddenly remembered, “Oh, right! Josh Allen is an incredibly skilled quarterback.” But we can’t forget the prowess of Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, and Justin Herbert.

Essentially, the MVP race is a testament to the dynamism of the NFL. Stellar performances can greatly influence MVP odds, especially when showcased on significant stages.

Let’s diverge a bit. Young quarterback Trevor Lawrence is currently ahead of Christian McCaffrey in the MVP odds. It seems quite the frenzy to place McCaffrey at +2500. Traditionally, the MVP leans towards a quarterback, but we shouldn’t overlook the potential of game-changing players in other positions.

McCaffrey is an interesting case. If he manages to surpass LaDainian Tomlinson’s 18-game streak and consistently scores in each game this season while also leading his team to the top seed – wouldn’t it be historic enough to warrant the MVP award? When players achieve historic feats, they should be in contention for historic accolades.

However, one must remember the inherent bias towards quarterbacks. As it stands, the likes of Allen and Mahomes might even reach or surpass the 50 touchdown passes mark this year. Such feats are difficult to overshadow.

While the MVP race will continue to evolve and surprise us week after week, players like McCaffrey, who are making history in their positions, deserve equal attention and appraisal. Nevertheless, for now, the spotlight is on quarterbacks like Josh Allen, and it’s captivating to watch the story unfold.

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